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AAF suspended operations and cancelled midway through the opening season Although the opening season is just eight weeks away, the Alliance of American Football (AAF) may have said goodbye to people. On Tuesday, AAF told its staff by e-mail that it had decided to suspend the operation of the alliance […]

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Raiders determine whether the new season’s stay in Auckland 2020 can be relocated or not The Oakland Raiders jerseys new have finally decided on a home for the 2019 season, and the team will remain in Auckland to continue using the Alameda County Arena. On March 26, Beijing time, the […]

Pittsburgh Steelers team’s storms continued

Steelman Celebrity expressed disappointment at the team’s upheaval: Big should have been a better leader With the continuous fermentation of Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys’storm, more and more people come forward to express their views. Heins Ward is the latest person to express his “disappointment” about these storms. While agreeing with Steeler […]

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Can this all go wrong? NFL official website Oolong’s mascot Tucao Although it is less than a month before the Super Bowl is over, it seems that NFL officials have forgotten who was the winner of the 2008 season of the United States Southern Division. On Friday, the NFL official […]

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Tencent Represents Asia in Super Bowl Conference It’s only four days before the 53rd Super Bowl of the NFL season closes. At noon on January 30, local time, Roger Goodall, president of the NFL Alliance, held the most important regular conference of the year at the Atlanta International Conference Center: […]

Fowles wants to lead a new NFL team

The manager thanked him for bringing the Super Bowl to Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Eagles jerseys had an incredible end to both seasons. Carson Wintz was injured last season and they won the Super Bowl under Nick Fowles. Wintz was injured again this season. The Hawks made a big reversal in […]

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Voting List for Professional Bowl Fans The fan voting channel of the Orlando Professional Bowl in 2019 was officially closed yesterday, and the NFL official announced the details of the fan voting today. In the final stage of the vote, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Briss held the lead, leading […]