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Unconsciously, the 2018 NFL regular season has gone through eight weeks, roughly half of the season has passed, this week’s trading deadline, is the time for teams to rush to the playoffs. It is time to make a summary of the first half of the season and commend and award the “advanced individuals”.

The outbreak of attack will break the historical record.

121 regular season games have been held this season, with an average of 48.4 points cut and 19.99 $ NFL Jerseys Facebook 727.1 yards attacked by both sides in each game, which is far above the historical peak. Even if the winter of the second half of the season is getting stronger and stronger, even if the attackers of each team feel the impact, the two data break the historical record. Why did the teams all go up in the first half of this year? Private sums up the following reasons:

First of all, the times are pushing forward the progress of this sport. When the rules are constantly revised, tactics are more sophisticated and players’talent is getting higher and higher, the sharp rise in offense is the general trend. When both sides scored around 45 points and the number of offensive codes stagnated around 700 yards for seven or eight years, this year finally ushered in a year of great leap forward.

Secondly, the current union’s tactics are very gaudy and complicated. It is not only RPO’s popularity in the whole alliance, reading options, ball punching, jet sweeping, reverse punching, false running, real fax, fake fax running, but also various screen short passes, bubble screens and short passes, and rhythm passing. The quarterback enters the professional league, and the offensive coordinator of the NFL also integrates enough college tactics into the professional offense for these quarterbacks. Thus, the offensive tactics of the whole league ushered in a comprehensive innovation this season, so the offensive level of the whole league is improving this season.

Finally, because there are not too many injuries in the League quarterback this season, except Eli Manning, Derek Carr and Bottles, almost all the quarterbacks in the league have maintained excellent match condition: Brady and Brice are competing to break the record in the old quarterback, Rogers and Matt Lane are still not. 19.99 $ NFL Jerseys Facebook Destroyed by any years; Stafford, Lack, Wilson and others in the Mesozoic quarterback alone carry the team forward; Wintz almost won the MVP last year, and this year Maholmes and Gough as the new generation quarterback in the impact of MVP. In summary, the quarterback has played well, and the attack of the all league teams is rising.