Brown Cleveland team ready to pick a 2017 Bengals Nike Nfl Jerseys quarterback from one week after the draft, although we do not know what will start from the first few rounds, also don’t know who they are going to choose, but it will be a sure thing. But even so, Brown, vice chairman of the operation and Brown said Oswald vhailor had a chance to get the first place.

“We were expecting him to be in that position, he was doing a good job, and for a while, he was a positive young man. He has the ability and talent, and we expect him to be in the starting position.” Brown said, this shows that Brown is from Dezhou Jiepan Oswald Wheeler is not accidental, they are willing to offer high salaries for Oswald veller, Cleveland Brown seems to be already.

Although it is mid April, today’s New York has ushered in an unusually cold spell, two days before the Rangers home court game people wearing short sleeved shorts to the scene today, New Yorkers have been wearing a thick coat against the cold wind came. The cold temperatures are now a good fit for New York’s hockey. On the way to the stadium on the edge of Pennsylvania subway station, on the road to the Madison Garden Plaza, The Empire State Building in New York is the center of Manhattan City, everywhere wearing a blue jersey Rangers fans. Today’s game is crucial for the Rangers and fate of this year in New York hockey basketball season award, 1-2 down the Rangers in the fight to win or die to score, the situation in the game in the home court. NBA and NHL match and schedule is almost the same, 82 regular season games, playoff elimination tree structure, 7 games 4 wins system and so on, and have a long history in New York, so NHL attention degree is not lower than NBA. Rangers are the only team to advance into the playoffs this year in New York’s five ice hockey teams, and the New Yorkers’ hopes for the playoffs are all on the rangers.

But it may also be because no other team is willing to choose in Cleveland Le Orvis Brown exchange, after all of last season’s performance is obvious to people vhailor Oswald, no team is willing to believe that he can change in the new year, but not surprisingly, Brown will choose a quarterback in the draft but, maybe in later cycles in choice.

Before the Madison Garden Plaza is still the team to build a huge crowds of people, outside the large 2017 Bengals Nike Nfl Jerseys fans interactive area allows fans to strengthen understanding and love for the Rangers by participating in the games, watch videos and VR experience etc.. The interactive area has attracted the long waiting team, the fans are waiting for it is also boring to spontaneously shouted slogans for the Rangers cheer. Some of the fans waved the flags of the Rangers, and passed through a few Canadian fans who did not forget to shake hands with them. Although the history of the two teams clash several times can be compared to rivals, but the players are fighting hard all collide with each other, but the two teams fans still respect each other, after all, on the field of play is the real contest. The Madison Garden Plaza is located in the tourist area of New York, the Rangers fans cheer on also attracted a large number of tourists to ride, visible a team of good results can bring pride and a city of great influence.

Waving a towel play yes sing loudly song New York sleepless tonight

Rangers in the playoffs in the home seems to be a curse, in the last round of the playoffs to go home to go back to two seasons ago. In the team and the fans will be desperate grief into strength, fighting the game coach success with each player’s Bianzhen upstream cavalry brought a long lost home court victory for the team, but also swept away before haze inspired the morale of the series, will be a big change to write to 2 than 2. When the first half of the festival Rangers teenager Belfast hands as the team scored goals, Madison remembered the square garden alarm sound familiar. At that time, the whole room light was transferred to the brightest, the fans all stood up and waved the white towel, humming the song of the Ranger with the background music. The fans cry resounding, enough to see the fans excited and the excited mood, the oppressed feeling finally released, so that the presence of every fan fully and delightfully.

Such a decisive battle in addition to ordinary fans come to watch, but also attracted a large number of nfl jerseys china celebrities to cheer. Madison Square Garden as the world’s most prestigious full indoor arena, located in downtown New York with its geographical location, resulting in every field of Nicks and rangers will attract a large number of people come to watch the battle. The game ‘HBO TV celebrity famous talk show host John Olivier, New York giants legend Justin – Tucker, Daryl – Daniels, founder of hip-hop music. The stars of the lead for the Rangers cheering also successfully ignited the enthusiasm of the fans, in short compared with the last game, today the atmosphere has been boiling.