Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions

Focus: early Monday, January 1st 2:00, 2017 dallas cowboys nfl jerseys Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions

The two sides last season is the last week for the division title to carry out direct dialogue, this year is likely to be so. Rodgers has been playing for two years at the Ford stadium, this year, can continue?
Inventory of the new season of the week’s focus of the game, we will focus on the next team’s schedule one by one to see if the team in the game is to take advantage of the cost or loss.

The defending champion patriots, released in the race before we know their schedule is not too difficult, because the other teams in the AL East is still not comparable with them, and this year the League of nations face south than last season in the National League West tie. On the race itself, the team in early November after the holiday back, there are 5 road games in 6, including three in a row on the road in December, may be affected by the long journey. To overcome this, the patriot will still be the number one seed.

Lost to the Patriots Steelers in the American League finals, the schedule is more simple to do, they have to meet the League of nations and North South with the overall strength of the division in general, and Brown Cleveland team this absolute underdog. The team in mid November to early December to hit around the night race, and then wait for the old rival patriot challenge, this time will be the most critical team the most challenging period.

The United States is the death of the west side of the group, but also this year to touch another group of dead eastern United States, it can be described as the devil’s schedule. The American champion chiefs, to play the opener of Foxborough is naturally very difficult. But the team has three consecutive weeks 14-16 home, then you can let opponents feel the cold of the arrow court. Raiders of the game is the two big middle small, to keep up with the season, the team in the first 4 games and the last 4 games have a total of 3 away. Last season in the closing 2017 dallas cowboys nfl jerseys stage to play poorly led the team did not win the division champion, this year the team will work extra hard. In the wild side, division of civil war are mostly concentrated in the first half of the new coach Vance Joseph must immediately enter the state to the team.

Similar to the United States and the United States, the overall strength of the eastern conference is difficult. Last season, the League of nations top seeded cowboys in recent years has been to good road is known, so for them, ending four season three guest field is not big problem, the big problem is that these four games are against the giants, Raiders, Seahawks and eagles, is likely to be a battle of life and death.

Last season’s runner up Falcon was a very strange game, and they didn’t play the first division until ninth weeks ago. In eleventh weeks, they and the packers, patriot, cowboys and the Seahawks four enemies are played after. Even in these poor performance in the game, the falcons can regain the initiative in many stages of the civil war in the closing stage.

In the north the packers and tyrannical race falcons instead, in game six of the closing stages of the civil war is only a division. But relatively speaking, the devil is the team start more eye-catching – in the first week to face old rival Seattle Seahawks, the two teams for the league’s most stable in recent years in the club. In second weeks the team to go to Atlanta, to a snow season double play shame.

This is the first time in history, the Seahawks team did not have a need for two consecutive weeks have hit the road, but for the northwest alone them, this schedule still means the team almost every week to run around here and there (for two consecutive weeks playing home court only once), so in the end is good or bad, there is a need to study. But overall, the growth with opponents do not see, this year only touch the Federal District, the Seahawks race in the League of nations which should is the most easy.

NFL not all teams have to play against each other, so the strength of the match may be very different. But a cheap jerseys good team can not be taken lightly, the team is also difficult to get depressed. In 2008, Pittsburgh Steelers get is not over the past 30 years, the super devil race, 16 game opponents 10 year before winning more than half, 8 in the playoffs. Nevertheless, they still with 12 wins and 4 losses record won the American League No. two seed, all the way to the super bowl and won the championship. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has also established his own position in the world. Therefore, the hard schedule is not as bad as the quality of the will as a temper. No matter how difficult the schedule is only 16 games, as long as the team on Our wills unite like a fortress. what is impossible, No.