When people laugh. Leading comedian gloon

When people laugh. Leading comedian gloon

When the comedian glycopyrronium lead everyone 2017 minnesota vikings nike jerseys laugh, visit the White House, the official White House news conference Chuang anger gloon

Yesterday, the new England patriots as the fifty-first Super Bowl champion to visit the White House, although only 34 players in the team, but the players are visiting patriots very happy, especially mid season reimbursement star player rob G Ron koves Ki, he also specifically in national television exposed faces. Gelon seems to be as a party in his white house, although already visited a white house, but G Ron koves Ki still appears to be happy than anyone else, he not only shake hand with President Trump, also let the people see him cute.

The thing is, before the Patriots arrived at the White House after the formal meeting with Trump, do not know Gelon Khodorkovsky’s intentional or unintentional circumstances, suddenly broke into the White House press office, and the answer at that time the White House spokesman Sean Spicer positive press conference reporters, because President Trump long indulged in twitter, Spicer every day is very busy, but he still won’t miss a new England patriots game. See into the hall after Gelon, although surprised but soon recovered spicer. Gelon stood like Spicer asked whether what needs help, but we refused to lead Gelon Spicer, set the whole room roaring with laughter.
Gelon (a grin on his face but put serious): “what do you need help?”

Space (surprise): “I think I can handle it, but thank you…”

Recently, the Chicago sky is doomed to a day sunny day is cloudy, the whole city was shrouded in “black eight”, while the Bulls following 2-0 grams of lead, the other side of the Black Hawk Down 0-3, Chicago people’s heart is bittersweet.

With Felicio away long double three rebounds, NBA in the first round of the playoffs second Games ended, the garden court into the silence of death, Thomas eyes reddening, fighting back tears, bereavement and big score 0-2, let Thomas compact body under tremendous pressure the opposite is the bull players crazy celebration.

Wade played in the playoffs in the three molecules like precision, Rondo top with boos reproduction peak, nike nfl jerseys cheap Butler both ends to show leadership, Lopez precision in distance to Boston bulls overwhelming, the first time in nearly 24 years to win in the series opener two away games, the last time to complete this feat in 1993 then, the Bulls or Jordan team, in the same year also achieved three consecutive albert. Perhaps now the bulls can not be 24 years ago, the bulls in the same breath, but for this season, only to get the final stage of the playoffs in the last bus bulls, black eight miracle enough to write into history.

But on the other side of the Black Hawk clouded over, after the third playoff overtime to 2-3 defeat, the regular season ranked first in the west of the NHL Chicago Blackhawks in “black eight” despair, Fiala scored the ball in front of the TV, Chicago fans also in perfect silence.

Marcus: “are you sure?”

Space: “forehead… Should be. Thank you anyway, we’ll see you later.”

After seeing the Gelon desired dramatic effect, is also very sensible to leave. This episode is very interesting but also for the serious conference adds a lot of fun, but also won’t forget this scene, after all, not everyone can meet their favorite idol at the press conference.

April 21st NFL news summary: Gelon when comedian lead everyone laugh.