In 2017, the free agent nfl jerseys china market has officially opened a few days, it also broke many big news, including Brandon Marshall to the giants, the Patriot generous Arshin beyond all expectations, Geoffrey. Eagle etc.. Of course, there are some big free agent on the market has no home, the list includes Adrian Peterson, Jamal Charles’s proven. In Dallas, the Cowboys also lost some of last season in the team’s feats of war, and of course they have added some players to join the team. In between and NFL player trading, the team has such a player in the center of the vortex and feel completely free market of the mighty storm, he has just been voted to become the 2016 Pepsi rookie of the year; in the offseason in addition to training, tourism and advertising is very difficult for you to see his affair with TMZ gossip he is the Dallas cowboys, last season’s rookie quarterback Prescott darko.

The four round quarterback? Yes, quite good.

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Prescott is only 23 years old this year, in the 2016 NFL draft he did not pick up until the next round of the 135th round by the Dallas cowboys. In last year’s draft, there is no doubt that the spotlight focused on GF, Jared – Isawa Kil – Elliot Wentz, Carson and Joey botha’s body. The media have put Elliot touted as a pearl in the palm, he will be one of the strongest rookie in recent years running back, even more than a year – Todd Jared – GF Karli worse; will be the rams in Losangeles’s signature star; Wentz is worth Philadelphia Eagles spend so much cost for the pick pick? No one cares about Prescott, which media will have time to focus on a four round quarterback?
“Dallas Cowboys picked a quarterback in the fourth round? Good, very good, he has a very good selection. They already have Elliot, the new season’s cowboys are worth looking forward to.”

The new season is really worth looking forward to the cowboy, but cheap nfl jerseys the story goes beyond the expectations of many people.

The Cardinals cornerback Justin Bethel (Justin Bethel) in special teams with outstanding performance, 2013-15 three years into the bowl occupation list, two time NBA All-Pro. But last season, the transformation of Wei Wei’s attempt is not smooth.

Coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) last season had said, “let Bethel try to take more responsibility in the second process some failure”. Defensive team performance is probably one of the reasons why Bethel had to accept a pay cut.