Blount left the patriot to sign the eagle

Le Garrett Blount finally got a decent salary, 2017 nike patriots nfl jerseys he signed a one-year contract with the Philadelphia hawks, officially became a member of the team.

According to insiders, Garrett and hawk completed the contract is worth about $2 million 800 thousand at about $1 million 250 thousand, including the initial margin plus about $1 million 550 thousand of other value-added bonuses, such as the Patriot two Super Bowl meritorious running backs can finally harvest more than a salary of $1 million, compared with the 2016 season to leave red ball touchdown king do not have much impact on the new England patriots, because the Patriots running back due to overcrowding, reasons for playing Blount previously patriots franchise tag, the Patriots can still get a compensation draft corresponding right. The Philadelphia hawks adds such a strong running back, can bring a lot of change, this eagle’s executive vice president Howie – Rosman says Le Garrett Blount is a very good player, the team is looking forward to.

At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, when I was ignorant of basketball, I saw the dream team’s performance on tv. Perhaps it was nothing but shock.

In the world there was such a campaign that playing basketball can be so cool.

Now back to the sports experience of high school, the memories are the cinder fields and cement courts. Maybe the only thing like that is the big bunker. But the Barcelona Olympics, let me from the middle school stage, fell in love with the basketball game.

The basketball court in middle school is limited. After the bell ringing every noon, we rush to 2017 nike patriots nfl jerseys the playground at the speed of 100 meters. Some people go to eat, while others compete in the fields. A long two hour lunch break is the most enjoyable basketball time we have every day. The young heart always has a hero, the strange thing is, I was not the hero Michael Jordan, but the brother, Scotty pippen.

The reason why I can remember it now is about a basketball poster. Hu Weidong and Pippin were grabbing Pippin’s arm muscles, a stout degree has been completely beyond Hu Weidong’s leg. At that time it was strange why a man’s arms could be so strong. What’s even more strange is that it is such a poster that actually reminds me of today.

“Le Garrett Blount is very fierce very powerful a running back, he in the new England patriots gained huge success, we can he join our team, he can bring enough depth and competition for us, we are looking forward to next week Blount in training camp in the performance.” Rosman said.

Previously, the new England patriots in May 9th for Le Garrett Blount marked a rare UFA label, because in May 9th, Blount has been unable to find the next home, so the Patriots for the label its use can be very good to reach a win-win situation. This is equivalent to the Patriots as Blount set a deadline, let Blount had to make a choice as soon as possible, get a salary of $1 million in the Patriot forever, so the $2 million 800 thousand a year contract as the price for Blount, the poor Blount direct decisive and eagle sign. A single season with 18 rushing touchdowns players dates back to the 2009 season Adrian Peterson, last season Blount propped up a ground offensive in the Patriots, he completed a total of 299 red ball scored 1161 yards with 18 touchdown terror. It can be said for $2 million 800 thousand can take the data running backs are still too cheap, like a serious shape, data is not half as good as Blount Addie RESINES can harvest the Seahawks such a contract, can only say that Blount is really not a big contract.

Last week, Garrett Blount also went to Boston Celtic home court to watch the two teams of the playoffs fifth games, but the Celtics Cavaliers have just started, Le Garrett Blount as a loyal Celtics fans but could not go to the scene to see the ball. It’s really sad.

This season the Philadelphia Eagles signings in the attack group of great strength, after the introduction of over Al theo Geoffrey, the hawks and Carson Wenz continue to provide weapons, Le Garrett Blount for the arrival of the eagle to continue to contribute, the Hawks players are obviously very happy, especially al Geoffrey theo Blount publicly expressed welcome. In the hope that Blount can harvest a bright future.