The first season of the giants is going to return to Beckham, 2018.

In the first week of the 2018 season, Jacksonville Jaguar played the New York Giants jerseys 15-20, but Oddle Beckham only used this game to show the best of himself. It was Beckham’s first appearance on the field 336 days after leaving the NFL and he injured his ankle against the Los Angeles Lightning team in October last year. After a long recovery, Beckham’s performance is even more prominent than before injury. At the crucial moment when the giants were lagging behind, Beckham finished receiving the ball in large yards and almost became the key man to lead the team to reverse. In the whole game, Beckham 15 times to become a pass target, a total of 11 catches, won an astonishing 111 yards, failed to reap the game. But in fact, the super outsider could have scored more yards and reached the game, but because Eli Manning had a poor pass in the first and second half, Beckham missed at least one chance to reach the game; worse, in the second half of the game, when Beckham jerseys completed a catching push, the forward Eric Manning. Flowers’s foul has ruined the effort. If Beckham’s teammates are serious, the outsider is likely to help the Giants win their first game of the season.

Obviously Beckham’s performance was much better than the data showed. The Jaguars continued to send top corner guard Jay Ramsey to defend Beckham throughout the game, but Beckham broke through Ramsey’s confidence. Beckham and Ramsey played 54 matches in the game: Beckham became a pass target six times against Ramsey and scored 54 yards four times, while Beckham was still able to catch the ball three times over Ramsey’s head and 31 yards when the Jaguar used the zone defense. No matter how Ramsey looks at the defense, Beckham has a solution, in the two of the opponents, Beckham became a better player. Although he hasn’t played any formal games in a year, the outsider feels better than ever before. Instead of losing his skills due to season’s reimbursement, he has trained himself to a new level.

The giant established Beckham as the core of the team’s attack and adapted various offensive tactics for him. Beckham, the giant’s top receiver, has been the target of 15 passes, almost twice the number of other giant catchers. As coach Pat Schumer said, “I think he’s fully involved in the game, so I’ve provided him with a variety of tactics, passing the ball to Beckham is the best way to solve the problem. So we let him play a lot of time and pass a lot of balls to him.

Every time Beckham runs, he can find a lot of room for himself to catch the ball. Take Beckham’s first jerseys catch as an example: he runs out of a perfect line, throws away Ramsey’s defense, catches the ball steadily in the open space, and pushes a full 24 yards. Even in the face of Jaguar level defense, Beckham broke his opponent’s defence again and again. Beckham’s position changed throughout the game, whether it was double or triple outside formation, whether it was the left side of the line-up, the right side of the line-up, or through the backcourt movement of the shot, Beckham played a significant role in a variety of tactics, Giants coach Pat Schumer set up a number of plans to thoroughly stimulate Beckham’s. Offensive talent, which is carefully arranged in each attack, is an unprecedented feeling for Beckham. It is believed that in the 2018 season, Oddle – Beckham will show the rookie season since the peak state.