After half of the regular season, the performance of the NFL team in the regular season is still “a few joys and a few sorrows” after the drastic personnel changes during the off-season in the past summer. Alex Smith set a career-high number of passes (4042) and passes (26) when he played for the Chief last season. However, when he entered the off-season, the Chief swept him out and chose to support inexperienced second-year quarterback Patrick Maholms, which seemed to the fans at that time to be no different. A gamble.

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Kansas City chief jerseys: send away Arrakis – Smith, Fuzheng Patrick – Ma Holmes

Since 2002, Smith has become the third star quarterback after Brett Favre and Donovan McNabb to attempt at least 400 passes and lead the team to the playoffs, but is trashed badly next season. The Emirates decided to strengthen second-year youngster Maholmes. “Fa Fu is a hall of fame player. Aaron has been on the bench for three years, which is different. And our Maholmes has been a substitute for a year. We trust him. It takes courage to make such a decision. Coach Andy – Reed said.

At the same time, Reid was also the decision maker who traded McNabb to Washington Red Skin at the Eagles, and later proved to be right to correct Michael Vick’s choice: “This shows that Reed is a real quarterback developer. He has trained many excellent quarterbacks and praised him.”

New England Patriot jerseys: Boss Robert Calaft is trying to retain offensive coach Josh McDaniels wholesale jerseys

After the Detroit Lions announced the employment of Matt Patricia and the Indianapolis pony announced the employment of McDaniels, the Patriots seemed to lose two key coaches in the offensive and defensive teams at the same time. If so, the pressure on Bill Bilicheck would be unprecedented. “You know how important Josh is. With him and Brady, Bill can concentrate on the defensive team.” It is reported that carroff has raised wages for Macdaniels and has made some ulterior promises.

Atlanta falcons: insist that Steve – sage Xi’an continue to serve as offensive team coach.

The Falcons’remarkable decline in red zone efficiency and offensive firepower last season has attracted criticism. Coach Robert Quinn could have easily changed, but he chose to trust Sarkisian with a longer-term perspective. According to ESPN’s offensive efficiency indicators, this season’s Falcon offense and the time when he reached the Super Bowl in 2016 The time is not equal.


New York Giants jerseys: Nate Soder has become the highest paid offensive player in the league.

Patriot’s best offensive striker, Nate Sodel, joined the Giants in the off-season and won a four-year $62 million first contract in the League offensive front. After that, they chose Savan Buckley with the eyeballs, hoping that Manning Jr. would lead the team forward. But so far, the Giants are still one of the worst teams in the league. Only three quarterbacks have scored lower than Manning Jr. this season. They are Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Sam Danod. We all know that Manning Jr. has been struggling after attacking the front line for several years. That’s why the Giants nfl jerseys wholesale have introduced Nate Soddle, but this has had little effect. The team’s road offense almost depends on Barkley’s personal ability, while Manning was captured 31 times in eight games.