26 days 8:00 video live saints vs lightning to see the history of passing King status.

Beijing time on August 26th, NFL 2018-19 season pre-season third weeks continue to fight. Tencent Sports will bring you the Los Angeles Lightning home game against the New Orleans Saints jerseys at 8:00 a.m. Wei Min and Xiao Shen will continue to sit in the commentary room to bring you the analysis and comments of this game, welcome to watch on time. []

Drew Briss has a career of 70,445 yards and is only 1,495 yards away from Peyton Manning’s NFL historical number of passes. According to past efficiency, Briss will surpass Manning in the fifth week of the season when the Saints play against the Reds on Monday night to top the NFL’s historical passing charts. But at the age of 39, what is Bracey’s status in the past two weeks before the season? From the training ground, Briss’s pass is still so sharp, but after all, the game is different from the training ground, let’s live to see how the 39-year-old Briss is in shape.

At this year’s draft, the Saints signed No. 14 to pick the defensive end-man Marcus Davenport from the rugby primary school, University of Texas at San Antonio. But because of a knee injury, Davenport missed some training camps and the first two pre-season games. He has always been questioned by the fact that he has never played any tough battle during his college years. Whether we can adapt to the strength of NFL, we can see one or two in this match. No. 92, remember this number and keep an eye on his performance.

Last season, there was an obvious polarization in lightning defense. The anti transmission code lose alliance third is low, while the anti runaway code alliance second is high. It is a team that knows how to use the road attack to open the situation in the face of lightning. In the off-season, Lightning picked up the first round of the draft to pick up strong defender Devon James, his superb physical fitness and anti-running capture ability is the most urgent need for Lightning puzzle. In the first two games of the pre-season match, the field was only 57 yards, and the League was the lowest. But it’s also worth noting that the Los Angeles Lightning jerseys Starter team lost 28 yards in gear 2 in the first week against Cardinals top runner David Johnson. The Saints’Camara + England team scored a total of 1500 yards in advance last season, a challenge for the Lightning team, but also the best chance to really test the defense before the start of the regular season.

All in all, the whole picture is in the live broadcast at 8:00 in the morning of August 26th.