“The world 3 million shop 2016 nfl jerseys is in me, only a small clicks of a nose 14 inch” since I was born, I was faced with the disease and abandoned fate. 1985 lunar July 24, after three days and nights, doctors use forceps tucked me from my mother’s uterus mouth out. The hypoxia time is too long, I was blue after birth, cry. When I was two years old, I wouldn’t even call my mom. My mother took me to the county people’s Hospital for examination, was diagnosed with intrauterine hypoxia induced cerebral palsy, can not stand, the doctor predicted that I live but 3 years old!

Under the meticulous care of the mother, I actually lived well at the age of 3! To cure me, mother, sister and brother to stay in the rural home, and my father came to the city of Yueyang, while living, while I go on hopeless Xunyiwenyao road……

Disappointed many times, but still did not give up my mother. My mother asked a master to teach me how to practice qigong. After practicing Qigong for 4 years, I was able to sit for about half an hour with the help of a chair and a rope.

At the age of 12, old enough to go to school, mother traveled all the Yueyang city primary school, not a collection of children with cerebral palsy. Every day she looked sadly home. Seeing mom, I cried and said, “Mom, I’m not going to school! You buy me a TV set.” On the second day, a 14 inch color TV set moved into my room. My world opened, I know the world, but also to learn cultural knowledge. A lot of TV programs have subtitles, I listen to the characters speak, and subtitles on the one on the right, so learned to read. Winter all nfl style jerseys and summer every year to stay, brother and sister can also teach me to read Pinyin turns……

The tip of the nose to find a way: “my world I prove”

Through the TV and the Xinhua Dictionary, plus my sister and brother two teachers, I learned the commonly used Chinese characters and vocabulary. 20 years old, I have a strong impulse to write. Looking out the window, I want to write something. Looking at the moon in the sky, I want to write something. Dad, under the weight of life prematurely aging, I want to write down. My mother takes care of me, I want to write it down.

One day, a reading column in the television reading Shi Tiesheng’s a group of articles, the “sick is the main industry, writing only amateur” wheelchair writer, is the person I admire most. “In all his life the way is blocked when the pen to hit a path to life” is a declaration, I will shake. On this day, I swear: I also want to write, write their own way……

But, how do I write?

One day in July 2010, I accidentally fell down from the bed, Wawadajiao pain. When I fell down the nose tip, just touch the remote control button on the ground, even to change the TV station! My nose can change the channel! I found my very surprise. At this moment, I had a bold idea: if you have a mobile phone, I can use the tip of the nose in the mobile phone keys with phonetic play corresponding words, so I can not write books?

I excitedly told the idea to my mother! She even didn’t do it, the whirlwind rushed to the mobile phone market, I bought a second-hand clamshell mobile phone! Then, we explored the first significant: my mother tied to a chair, a hand grabbed my arm and hand on my back, let me hard to get close to the tip of mobile phone keyboard.

Once, two times…… How many times, ten minutes later, finally, with the help of my mother, my nose to find the letter “M”. Next, I was eager to find “A”, after I found, I chose a jerseys supply nfl center word in the “mother”, and it moved to the phone screen. This day, I failed many times, finally in the evening, with the tip of the nose in the mobile phone on the play, 5 words: “I love you mom.” Mother pigs come back, see I play these 5 words, tears brim over with tears and hugged me,: “the child, my poor child……”

Since then, I continue to practice with the tip of the nose to find the. Soon, my nose is flexible. Later, I basically do not see mobile phone keyboard, my nose can be as agile as a police dog, accurately “smell” I need letters.

With this foundation, I think, “my time” to.

This year in July 24th, my 25 birthday, I knocked the first word has long been conceived in the workplace novel “conspiracy” on mobile phone. Worried about hard to write under the novel due to improper storage is lost, I let my mother opened the mobile Internet access function, each write more than and 100 words, sent to the 17K literature network.

At first, I couldn’t do without my mother’s help. I need a mother hand on my shoulder, hand hold my head to the tip of the nose typing. However, my mother is busy, how can I spend time with me? I said to my mother: “you tied me to a chair! I’m slow, no problem.” Mom questioningly promised.

But this day, less than 1 hours, my feet and hands began to numb. It turned out that my mother was afraid I slipped to the ground, I tied too tight, causing my blood circulation blocked. Gradually, I see stars, dizzy and raisin! At that moment, on the verge of death fear will destroy me, I struggle, but my mother went to busy, one thirty while not return at all. Even with me in the chair fell to the ground together, a muffled after I was unconscious……