The Raiders still didn't give up on Lin Qi

The Raiders still didn’t give up on Lin Qi

The draft is getting closer, leaving teams before the 49ers football jerseys kids draft signings didn’t have much time. But the Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie Mackenzie is very calm, said the team still consider the former Seattle Seahawks running back, is currently retired “beast” Sean Ma Lin qi.

Mackenzie recently said in an interview that the team in the draft before the completion of the introduction of Lin Qi, the team will not affect the decision made on draft day. At the same time, he also said that the draft is still a week away from the time, probably in the next week, Lin Qi joined the may also.

From this statement we can read two possibilities: first, the Raiders to introduce Lin Qi is only a matter of time, so Mackenzie did not mind the draft or draft. Second, the team has already made a decision, regardless of whether or not the introduction of Lin Qi, in the draft day will choose the running guard. Of course, there are third possibilities are small, that is, he is only a smoke bomb.

On the other hand, the predator’s defense is almost completely limited to the Black Hawks these top players play, so that the other party can hardly do anything. Of course, this outstanding performance including Pekka Rene, the face of the other 95 shots he made 93 saves. Three games down, Black Hawk captain Jonathan Tevs in the field of both sides of equal number under the condition of one without, only one point from play third games Patrick Kaine scored less goals (Tevs second assists). Kaine scored only one point in three games. Atemi – he, Anisimov and Marian Artium – Hosa is all a scoreless. The series can be said to now, Patrick – Kaine, Jonathan – Duncan – Keith Taifusi, this can be regarded as several League superstar players has been completely in Ruian – Johannsen, Philip – Victor – Arvidsson fosberg and momentum over the.

Blackhawks coach Joel quenneville for Jonathan Taifusi where a group of strikers and Duncan Keith’s a group to guard against the marauders firepower, Johannsen fosberg and Arvidsson, so the Blackhawks scored task completely on Kaine, he is the two group on the shoulder. Tevs and Keith two group is the Black Hawk collocation present can sent the best defensive team, but as long as this group of marauders fosberg will play games completely suppressed sustained pressure in the first half and the Blackhawk Blackhawk region, Black Hawk player is hardly the ball out of their own the first half. At this point, the Black Hawk attack is completely limited. Third games third predator two ball was tied, the Blackhawks two main defender Keith and Al Masson in front of goal. The black 49ers football jerseys kids hawk was completely suppressed by the Black Hawk’s best defensive player and the best offensive player in the game.
In the regular season, the Black Hawk averaged 2.93 goals per game, but the playoffs in the game with only a total of only 2 goals together. The series look down, the crux of the problem about losing the Black Hawk summed up the following points: sloppy ball processing; after passing through the district; bad shot selection; wall near the ball, the success rate is very low; the Pekka Rene sight view do not place these factors etc. together greatly reduces the Blackhawk offensive efficiency, scoring opportunities scanty.

Lin Qi is a native of Oakland, and the university is in the Bay Area elite, University of California at Berkeley. That’s why it’s been such a big possibility that Lin has been back, because it’s an arrangement for both sides. The only obstacle is that Lin Qi in announcing his retirement, with the Seahawks contract has not fulfilled. In accordance with the regulations, when the players back, he and the team’s contract from the day he announced the retirement of the beginning of the day to continue. So even if Lin Qi announced the comeback, Raiders to discuss business and Lin Qi Haiying get.

Last week came news that the Seahawks with Raiders has been trading Lin Qi business negotiations, was generally believed that Lin Qi joined the Raiders have That’s final. thing, did not expect the next time it has cooled down, only the Raiders have given up whether the introduction of Lin Qi questions. But for now, everything is possible.

Dezhou people are not necessarily in the first round of the election quarterback

The introduction of the Raiders veteran in running back. There is still hope, but the people of Dezhou have the intention of introducing veteran quarterback, with Toni Romo to retired commentary sector and vanish like soap bubbles. Nevertheless, Dezhou’s general manager Rick – Smith insisted that the team will not be in the first round of the quarterback.

Dezhou team’s current lineup has two quarterbacks, Tom – Savage and Brandon – vuitton. Smith said in an interview,cheap jerseys china the team really want to start training camp, there are three quarterback. But he did not make it clear that the team in the end how to prepare the introduction of these third people, through the draft or free transfer. Smith said the team is confident that at the beginning of the season, the main problem by Savage to no problem. In addition, he added that it would be difficult for the rookie to play in the rookie season, so he felt it would be a possibility, not a necessity, to pick the quarterback in the first round.

People in Dezhou have been having a headache over the last few years. The 2015 season, because everyone has poor performance or injuries, the people of Dezhou before and after took Ryan Mallett, Blaine Hoyer, Vuitton and Yates TJ- four quarterbacks. The strongest Heuer in the wild card race debut, the offensive team led the Dezhou people results in the home court by the Kansas City Chiefs zero closure. So last summer, the team in 4 years to $72 million contract from the Denver Broncos to sign Brock Oswald veller, thought on this problem at quarterback for, but did not expect to become a double transmission and transfer. Oswald vhailor in last season no hit worthy worth of performance management in this free market just enough to open, with a second round pick to trade him to the Cleveland Brown team, got rid of his big contract. This move was considered in Dezhou for the introduction of Romo vacated the salary space, did not expect Romo has announced retirement. If the array and Savage Vuitton only two people, the less left vhailor oswald. After all, as Smith said, it’s hard to pick a quarterback to lead the team immediately.

However, the current situation, in addition to the scalp to let Savage play the main force, Dezhou, I am afraid there is no other choice. However, whether to choose a quarterback in this year’s draft, selected quarterback in the first few rounds, even if can’t change the situation this year, will determine the next offseason team is also on the quarterback problem.