North Carolina superstar quarterback picks

North Carolina superstar quarterback picks

Today, we continue to introduce everyone 49ers game used jerseys to participate in the draft this year, the location of potential rookie. This time is not necessarily the most powerful, but it is always the focus of attention – quarterback.
Note: our quarterback ability is divided into four aspects: mental attributes, precision, strength and mobility.

Mitch trube (Mitch Trubisky), Kandinsky University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Height 188 cm, weight of 101 kg

Brief introduction: this year is the year is considered the strongest quarterback, the last season in Truby Khodorkovsky was wonderful, came 3748 yards 30 touchdowns 6 steals, hit rate as high as 68%. But the problem is that this is the only college trube Lipinski played the main season, so that teams not sure this performance is his strength or accident.

In addition to the lack of experience, the properties of Truby Chomsky are good, no obvious weaknesses. In terms 49ers game used jerseys of accuracy, he has the ability to bring out the comfort of the outside, can get a large number of angles. But sometimes in a simple pass out of alignment, there is a long road left quasi low degree. His spirit is also good, dare to accept the ball in order to accept the collision, to manage the time, can sum up lessons learned, at the crucial moment to play well. But there are also missed the unmarked outside over the situation. His arm is not strong, but also long came out, also need to adjust the balance that. A little while trube Pinsky is the highlight of his ability to move, that he made a point to many who have no chance of the ball, hide sacks ability and ability are good at the ball.

Scoring summary

Mental attributes: good; precision: good; strength: good; moving ability: excellent
Draft forecast: champion or 12, Cleveland Brown.

DeShawn Watson (Deshaun Watson), Clemson University
Height 189 cm, weight of 100 kg

Introduction: Watson can be said to be the most famous player in the last two years NCAA. Although only cheap jerseys in two of the second Heisman, but his two team into the national finals two times, led the team with team Alabama universe fight to the last minute, undoubtedly already for rugby fans left a deep impression.

Unlike trube Dostoyevsky, Watson led the team for two consecutive years into the national finals in the last season is to win success, it can be said that the experience is very rich. But by contrast, the accuracy of Watson’s weaknesses. If not because of the accuracy of the problem, Watson and Heisman draft should be in the bag. Generally speaking, he is not good at long range, in the range of more than 25 yards, the ball often overexert. So as you can imagine, he is not a lack of strength. There is no doubt that the spirit of Watson’s property is very high, the key moment in many key game play brave, which is valued by his local NFL scouts. On the whole, the only problem with him is that there are times when passing the ball is a reluctant goal. Watson’s ability to move did not say that he might have been a bit better than Ruby, without his ability to move, and in the past two years, Clem will not go so far.
Scoring summary
Mental attributes: good; precision: medium; arm: good; moving ability: excellent
Draft forecast: twenty-fifth, Houston, Dezhou, or the second round of No. thirty-fourth, San Francisco, a total of 49 people.