The Raiders want Lynch to join the team as soon as possible

The draft is approaching, and Ma Sean – Lynch is 49ers nike football jerseys always in the negotiations of the Oakland Raiders are worried, they are given a clear deadline, Raiders hope Ma Sean Lynch don’t procrastinate, draft Raiders to decide whether the team need to select a solid lineup running back.

“At some point, you will want to know that these things are to be filed before the draft.” Raiders general manager Reggie Mackenzie said.

The horse Sean – when Lynch officially joined the Raiders to the outside world has been very concerned about the problem, it will exert impact on their draft plan, draft before the Raiders hope Lynch can give an answer. If Lynch failed to confirm this in before the draft, then the Oakland Raiders will choose a strong running back in the draft, and then shut the door because of the receiving veteran, has a large number of outstanding talent Raiders running back, can ensure that the plan will not change the lineup because of Lynch. And if Lynch can be identified as soon as possible to join, the Raiders can save a sign to reinforce other positions.

This week, the draft will be kicked off, leaving Sean – Lynch’s time is not much, but according to the Raiders coach de – Rio said in all respects, it is very much like to play for the Raiders of the team of the ball, in all aspects of the situation, but it seems that the coach of the attack on the team to play for the Raiders in the face of the.

The Raiders give a minimum, which could speed up the process of Sean – Lynch joining the raiders. The first 49ers nike football jerseys recipe must reach agreement on a new contract, then the Raiders need a deal with the Seattle Seahawks, but now Lynch with the Raiders not out what news, so on this trick also forced Ma Sean – Lynch made a decision as soon as possible, Lynch will go to determine the Raiders play, so the only way to Raiders to ensure the implementation of the follow-up plan.

3 – Zach Vee Lenski (Columbus blue), 19 years old, in 2015 eighth place, led by rookie scoring (11), assists (36) and scoring (47), and led all rookies with positive and negative values as high as +17. Vee Lenski played 78 games this season, averaging 20 minutes and 54 seconds. His 47 points is second in team history the Azzurri defender mark, after the 2013-14 season – James Wiiewski (51), at the same time also tied the rookie record for blue team history — 2002-03 season Rick Nash (39) have done this point.

NHL official will be announced in the near future in the regular season, the final list of eight candidates, we will continue to report for you.

Eight regular season awards and the date of publication (the following are Beijing time):

In April 21st, Calder Awards – best rookie award;

April 22nd – Norris – best defender award;

In April 23rd, the univation Award – best goalkeeper award;

In April 24th, lady Byng Award – Best sportsmanship award;

April 25th – the best of the best players and players;

April 27th – Jack Adams Award – Best cheap jerseys online Coach award;

May 2nd Hart prize – most valuable player;

May 3rd – the best player of the -NHL Award for the player of the Ted Linde award.