Give you a A Permanent buffalo bills jerseys question, check to see if ebay Beneficial Test you can pass the test of their own. This is one of the test questions when a company recruits a new employee: you drive a car. On a stormy night. You pass a station. There are three people waiting for the bus. One is an old man who is dying. One is a doctor, he once saved your life, is a great benefactor, you never want to repay him. There is also a woman (man), she (he) is the kind of dream you want to marry (married), perhaps missed No. But your car can only sit a person, how would you choose? Please explain your reasons.

Think carefully before you look at the following words.


I don’t know if this is a test of your character, because every answer has its own reasons. The old man is dying, you should save him first. However, every old man can only end up dead as their destination, you have every reason to let the doctor on the bus, because he saved you, you think this is a good chance to repay him.

At the same time, some people think that the same time in the future to repay a doctor, but once you miss this opportunity, you may never be able to meet a person who makes you so excited.

Of the 200 applicants, only one person was hired, he did not explain his reasons, he wrote the following words: “give the car key to the doctor, let him take the old man to the hospital, and I leave a lover to accompany my dream together waiting for the bus!”

Everyone I know thinks the answer is the best, but no one, including me, can jerseys Free Shipping think of it in the first place. Is it because we never want to give up the advantage that we already have? Sometimes, if we can give up some of our stubborn, narrow and some advantages, we may get more.

There was once a young architect has been depressed himself unable to break through the excellent architectural design predecessors, he was only able to master in the back of every step, which makes him feel very depressed.

So, he temporarily bid farewell to their love of work, with all the savings to prepare for the tour of the world famous buildings.

When he travel over land and water through a tour of the city, magnificent buildings of one country, and finally came to an incomparable splendid architectural — world famous Taj Mahal, he was fascinated by this unique building.

His inspiration suddenly spring to gush out, he completed a good architectural design.

He became a high-profile architectural designer.

When the idea is blocked, temporarily give up, in a way may be able to break through their own.

To gather a bunch of fresh flowers, you must give up the comfort of the city; to be a mountain athletes, you have to give up the delicate white skin; to listen to the applause forever, you must give up before the vanity.

Life sometimes force you have to hand over power, had to let go of the opportunity, even to abandon love.

You can’t get anything, so life should learn to give up.

Struggling to retain the jerseys factory supply sunset, is a fool; a sentimental spring, is a fool. Those who do not want to give up, often lose more precious things.

Give up today, to get tomorrow. Big business will not care about the gains and losses, they know to give up, give up what, how to give up.

Give up, you can move forward. Give up, you will be able to get rid of trouble and entanglement, so that the whole body and mind immersed in a relaxed and leisurely quiet. Give up will improve your image, make you appear open-minded forthright; give up will make you win the trust of the people; give up will make you become more sophisticated, more capable, more powerful. Learn to give up! Give up the brokenhearted of pain, humiliation left to give up hatred, to give up the hearts of all the unspeakable load, give up lots of energy quarrel, to give up the power of the competition, to give up the fight on the name of…… All secondary, minor, redundant, the waiver must give up.

Life philosophy:

To get something, reluctantly give up, that is a kind of open-minded, is also a kind of wisdom. You must give up and refused to give up, is the doubts and obsession, on their own harmful. Must give in, decided to give up, it is strong and free. Do not think that only can “get” the talent is those who decided to give up have tremendous courage and wisdom, “people, in fact, has higher wisdom and greater courage.