When we understand A person’s biggest is the reflexivity of the browns haden jerseys but their own important and began to do, these problems or vague or clear in our mind, until we don’t close their eyes, don’t open. Do you remember, what is your childhood ideal, PLA? Scientist? Angel in white? Dig worker? People’s police? Now, you are in the house, the car to run terribly fatigued, children of the track, or to leave no stone unturned in career, utilitarian, reputation of the cliff climbing?

Calm down, even though I know there are many friends and family, but there will still be a strong sense of confusion and loneliness and sense of invasion of the body. We can not help but ask ourselves, who am I, I am alive for what, what I want, what can I get? Intuition tells us that we are getting farther and farther away from what we really want, and we are becoming more and more materialistic and chaotic. Someone may ask you to comfort and say: “you this is to become mature, closer to reality, will steadfastly continue. Life is not like this?” However, when you mercilessly torture yourself, but you distress: I really leave yourself getting closer? Am I going to be the one I want to do now and along this path? Sentiment of life

Remember that one told me that he wanted to become a deputy director in a few years, then he can feel themselves in high and vigorous spirits, the dragon is A fighting spirit soars aloft., people, as thousands watched, list of small hills, the characters in the near day will. Even at night, I often wake him pointing Jiangshan raving. Less than half a year later, however, he began to complain that his work was complicated and trivial. He always thinks his boss is jerseys supply center incompetent, he doesn’t know the art of leadership, and he is not qualified to lead him. He felt that the company is a pool of stagnant water and they are not fish. So he began to work while absent-minded, drag, while looking for a new club, and spare time almost all contributed to the KTV, the cinema, drinking, chatting, and shopping has become the norm in his life.

As for looking for a new job, he is not others suspected of treatment is low, just feel too hard, this attitude let him worry about personal gains and losses, has not the courage to take that step jump. Blink of an eye, a few years gone with the wind. In his own work, because of his perfunctory, not only did not get the recognition of the boss, but also posted a no responsibility, the ability to work on the label, the future is also a bleak. We went to a stall drinking beer, he said to me: drunk thick brothers, for years, I did not get what I want, I also found himself quickly lost, what can I do what, what is wrong with me?

In the United States, there is cheap jerseys online one thing: a young man in a company to do a good job, he describes himself as a brilliant blueprint for the future full of confidence. When the company went out of business, the young man that he is the most unfortunate in the world, the most unlucky person, he become dejected and despondent. But his manager, a middle-aged man, patted him on the shoulder and said, “you’re lucky, man!” “Lucky?” Cried the young man. “Yes, it’s very lucky!” The manager repeated, he explained: “those who are frustrated when they are young are lucky, because you can learn how to be strong. If you have been very successful, at the age of forty or fifty, when frustrated, that is poor, in the middle of learning too late.” Sentiment of life

There is a classmate beside me: when she was very young, her parents died, she became an orphan. This makes her too early to bear the pressure of thinking, bear the pain that other children have not had, but also bear her extraordinary experience. Since she lost her parents, with the help of her relatives, she barely finished junior high school, took part in the work, and got a good job. She can find their own happiness in there, but she did not, she started to chase their own dreams, in spite of cold sarcasm, studied many subjects, and participated in the tests, to learn the computer, learn the accounting law, etc.. She’s already qualified and is the best in her temporary work unit. But all this did not satisfy her. While working, while learning, finally pays off, in 2003 she enrolled in the University undergraduate. What an amazing thing! Can you tell me how much bitterness and tears behind her? The school has 6 years to the jerseys Free Shipping university entrance exam, easier said than done? Doesn’t it take courage and conviction? Sentiment of life

There is no failure, no failure, no success. This success is the need for people to pursue a spiritual strength to achieve, that is: strong!