She was an unhappy A pianist buffalo bills jerseys girl, born 2016 walking on his knees in a poor family in korea. Her father is a paralysis of the lower limb disabled soldiers, who took 10 years for the pain of morphine, pregnant mothers do not know, when traveling service motion sickness pills, so she was born when serious physical deformity, like a monster, two arms only have two long fingers, below the knee. Legs are long and thin, no toes, unfortunately she is a retarded child.

At the age of 4, her legs below the knee showed no signs of growth, or as small as birth, and the doctor had to amputate her. After amputation, she is much shorter than the same age children, and do not want to install artificial limbs, stubborn knees to walk.

At the age of 5, her mother bought her a piano to bring her some fun. After practicing for some time, she gradually became fond of playing the piano.

When I was 6 years old, my mother was going to send her to a piano school. After a period of efforts, 6 months later, finally a school to accept her. However, the real beginning of the piano training, her face is larger than usual difficulties, her only four fingers are not joint, of which three fingers are no bones, even the strength to press the keyboard are not, not to mention the performance. When she let her practice, she was silent. Angry mother threw her on the floor, forced her to practice, to do her ideological work over and over again, and her mother after three months of confrontation, she compromised, began a boring practice. A month later, she jerseys different size was able to perform a simple song “Butterfly Butterfly”, and with this piece of music in the city held the children’s piano competition won the first prize.

In order to make her piano performance has made great progress, her mother took her to visit a Piano Professor, ask professor taught her to play “Fantasy Impromptu, watching her, Professor politely refused, said to her:” or find some easy things to do, a normal person also very difficult playing this complex song, only four fingers simply can not complete so many notes!”

However, the success of the last so that she was a strong self-confidence, no teacher is willing to teach her, she began to learn at home, their own practice. She practices 10 hours a day with her mother. Because of mental problems, she can’t read one by one, the mother taught, until she put the whole song back down. The practice for a long time, her stiff fingers grind Xuepao, knees at the bottom of the grinding out of the thick cocoon. In this way, depending on the imagination of perseverance and high training intensity, her four fingers gradually have the strength, but also more and more big mouth, you can play a larger span of the two tones. After 5 and a half years of hard work, through no less than 100 thousand times to play, she can finally play the “Fantasy Impromptu”, but also learned to play left and right hand alone.

Not long ago, she was invited to a church in Canada in the show, more than 2 thousand tickets will soon be sold out. At the concert, she take only four fingers on the keys, like a butterfly, smell the flowers, dancing on the keys, Qinyin round powerful, atelectasis and loss free, like a fluttering in the tits quietly flowing streams of water, like the fish in the water play on the water rafting maple leaf.

The show was a huge success, people have come to embrace her, so praise her: “you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!” “It was a wonderful game!” “It’s my pleasure to see you perform!” “Let my impaired daughter see hope!”

She is like a bud, Shencanzhijian Korean girl. She is 19 years old this year, only the height of the child of the age of 4, the intelligence of jerseys Free Shipping the child of 7 years old. But she leaned on practicing the perseverance never yield in spite of reverses a world-class pianist, has become the world of children’s idol, Canada, Japan, Britain, etc. to Chinese she sent out invitations.

“I’m like a monster in the swamp, but I’m not ashamed of my appearance,” he told reporters. I want to thank my mother for giving me life, and to thank the great God for my talent.” We all know that, in fact, her God is her own, she is a strong optimism does not bow to the difficulties of a strong heart.