A few days ago, I was driving through the intersection, a man carrying a bag, a car a car with a small card.A poor man for The sun tanned his entire human skin began to black, he carefully look around, quick and Az Cardinals Jerseys Black deft.Man and I was about the same age, he points the contents of the card is on behalf of the invoice. When I rolled down the window, I found it was a former classmate of mine.He smiled at me and he saw me. I said, long time no see.He has his head low. I’m busy first. He was carrying a bag, and a car to put the card.

He’s obviously not the same as he was. When he was young, he always liked to pull my hair, hide my rubber, and smile at the back of the classroom, I really hate him. But now, the time to hide his lovely, I began to miss the more than and 10 year old boy.

The red light soon passed. I thought to myself, I just need to Az Cardinals Jerseys Black ask him a number.

Very surprised, that night, I got his call.

Our home landline has installed twenty-three years, twenty-three years have Az Cardinals Jerseys Black not changed the number.

He said: I just try, I did not think it really opened up. I am very happy to see you today.

I say, I am also. You now……

The dark little thin figure, has been in my eyes.

He understands. Now I am a worker in a factory, “3”, empty during the day, inserted a small card, 2 cents a. You are a few of the students who are willing to roll down the window and say hello to me.

He said, laughing. I saw he had leaned, exposed white teeth, in my every time he was a bully to cry, he was proud of the way. Just, today, I can not think of the day I met him, doing this kind of expression, will be how to feel.

Won’t be, maybe they didn’t see it. I say.

But these years, I also used to, I do not find a girlfriend, do not go to contact with the students Az Cardinals Jerseys Black. Anyway, I have no money. They say that the poor are not worthy of love. Do you have a room, have a car, you have the ability to raise me? You so hard, you can become very rich? How much do you make an hour. I can’t answer it. He said, I think he seems to have been a long time not to talk to people, meet the students, I am also their students are not decent. I went to work part-time, earn more money. Although, if really can not earn much money, but at least not too boring, think too much.

No, don’t say that.

I am poor, do not want to call others, students ignore me all right, anyway, I do my job and earn my own money.

He said, this time, my tears unexpectedly big drops fall down, not to utter a single word.

Barbara, a famous American writer, has a book called “my life at the bottom,” and wrote her to conceal his identity, mixed with the experience of the bottom of the United States.

Between her transfer in different city, different industries, as a waiter, a Az Cardinals Jerseys Black hotel waiter, a cleaning woman, also served as a nursing home assistant, she gradually found in the bottom of society, when you take 6 to $8 an hour, had to work hard when survival than life is one more word.

A few days ago, a group called “alive” impressed me, a 60 year old middle-aged autographed tennessee titans jerseys man, every day of discharge 300 tons, per ton to earn 6 cents, just to stay alive.

You might think that this stupid person, life can only sell their labor. Why don’t he go to learn something else and make more money?

When a person is forced to make a living, it is destined to make a living. That is, for the poor, when you try to ten thousand points, perhaps it is just to solve the problem of food and clothing. And you are going to succeed, is living outside the subject, perhaps really needs the courage to throw the helve after the hatchet. However, may be more likely to throw the helve after the hatchet success is, from now on, there is no other way out.

The rich foundation is, your resources, background and everything you have now, plus Az Cardinals Jerseys Black a little bit of luck. Most of the people, but to make a living in numerous living beings, people selling their labor.

The poor in order to make a living, do not dare to stop, for fear of stopping, can not survive. But we always have to know one thing, no matter what our efforts to go to the road, every effort of the people, are worthy of being respected.

I have a friend laoliang, I was not willing to say his story, because every time cheap nike nfl jerseys, just like him this way bitterness and go again.

But I just want to say, not every effort of the poor, are immediately able to live a good life.

Laoliang family is not good. His mother is a visually impaired, usually do not Az Cardinals Jerseys Black go out to work, only at home, the father is not in good health, odd jobs. So, when he was a junior student, he went to college.

But laoliang is belong to the kind of special upliftings students, is the kind of mustering the strength to the people through the darkness seemed not to utter a single word. Every morning, laoliang gets up early to read, not 12 night lights firmly. We live near him and these people pressure, after all, we sleep when reading his sound can be heard without end.

He is the child of the other people’s house.