But at the same time, although he was far from home in a bad environment, Hernandez often made mistakes during his college days. According to reports, Hernandez has repeatedly failed drug test in 2007, with fights, injured a ruptured eardrum, he suspects, and shooting incident in which two people were injured, but Hernandez refused to cooperate with the investigation. Coach Meyer took him up to the Bible curriculum, invited him in for a visit, also let Hernandez brothers and his teammates, star quarterback Tim TEBOW in the school cheap nfl jerseys to watch him, disciplinary action but these measures eventually failed to prevent Hernandez. Coach Meyer Hernandez is very popular, despite all the misdeeds mentioned before, Meyer was only suspended Hernandez 1 games. During the 2010 draft preparations, Meyer praised Hernandez on the court side for every NFL scouts and management personnel, but also to remind them of Hernandez’s discipline problems.

For these reasons, many teams have no guts to pick Hernandez. In the 2010 draft, Hernandez fell to the fourth round before being selected. The new England patriots obviously for his performance in the trial very satisfactory, that even though they have been in the second round of the election of a near end, rob Kowski from the University of Arizona Gelon but still to the four round, signed by Hernandez in the body. Patriots coach, one of the greatest coaches in NFL history, Bill Bailey, chick, with jagged military style famous overseas, flawed players a lot of discipline, came to the Patriots after they are discipline well for the Patriots, Hernandez is such a person, they have experience and let him get people’s confidence before success.

“You couldn’t see anything wrong with Hernandez at that time. Before he was elected, everything we knew about him had happened to other players.” One of the Patriots at the time said.
In the 2010 season, Hernandez, who was only 20 years old, was the youngest player in NFL. But it did not matter, in the first two years of career, Hernandez’s performance fully meet the expectations of his team – a comprehensive scorer, with 124 catches for 13 touchdowns in the first two years. As a near front, he also had 61 yards in the playoffs in the season of 2011, impressive. In the forty-sixth Super Bowl he lost to the giants, he also had a catch. And with the two of them together Gelon Sikorski, formed a coalition of the most horrible double tight end combination. “Hernandez brings a revolution to effect their attack,” the management staff of a team of rivals, “without taking their attack almost invincible poly. There are two people in the team, you will never be able to deal with their defensive formation.”

Just like today is considered ‘glycopyrronium alliance first proximal front well, Hernandez was considered to be a hall of fame players. “No matter what role we want him to play, he can do almost perfect, unbelievable. At the end of his career, we used to get him to hit the ball. He can do whatever we ask him to do…… Every time we give him a task, we always think he will sooner or later in what aspects of failure…… But we didn’t actually see one such situation.” Former general manager of Tennessee Titans, who served as a guide at the time of Freud – Rees said.

So in the summer of 2012, only two years after the election, the Patriots gave him a new covenant of $five, cheap nfl jerseys online $forty million, of which $12 million 500 thousand was signed. “You can’t always do what you want.” Hernandez said, “I might be the same for me, but I was Bill Bailey a way of life has changed, by way of changing the Patriots team.”

But when he returned to his new home in England, Hernandez was entangled with the dangerous men he had known in his youth. Hernandez is trying to draw a line with these underworld characters, he was also afraid of the gun at the beginning of the time to break with these people.

However, in June 26, 2013, Hernandez was arrested for the murder of Lloyd, who was in a relationship with his fiancee’s sister, who was at the time of the death of Mr. Hernandez. In June 18th, Lloyd is an industrial park full of bullet holes in the body was found in the Hernandez neighborhood. According to reports, the body was found on the same day, Hernandez destroyed their own monitoring system, destroyed his cell phone, but also about a team of cleaners to clean the house. A week later, Hernandez was carried away with his arms behind his back.

Chris Sims, playing quarterback Phil Sims’s son, was serving as an assistant coach in the patriot. On the day before the arrest, Hernandez also sent text messages to Sims, hoping to help him contact a well-known trainer. When he learned that Hernandez was arrested. In any case, Sims can not believe.

“Aaron is one of the most popular players in our squad. He really loves football and feels like he’s going to be a great player. When all the rest in the offseason, he was training. We lost the League final and Aaron came to the team three days later But it happened.

90 minutes after the arrest, Hernandez was terminated by the patriots. The team allowed any fans who bought his shirt number 81 to go to the store to exchange for other players. So far, the team’s official website is still no introduction to the background of Hernandez and data content. In 2010, 2011, and 2012 of these three seasons, there was only one gray picture on the site, next to his name, height and weight, the school from which he came from, and his qualifications in NFL.

In April 15, 2015, Hernandez was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. When he for the double murder in 2012 have been prosecuted, no one wants to and associated with the name of Hernandez, there are few lawyers willing to take his case, but Baaizi take down. The witness for the prosecution after the misdeeds of this as a breakthrough, the ultimate success of Baaizi let the jury that the evidence is not sufficient, win the decision. The news of the death of Hernandez came, Baez was also hoping to be able to participate in the appeal of the case, in his words, there are some problems in the judgment of the case of the existence of a place.
But now that Hernandez is dead, the appeal is meaningless. The legal team led by Baaizi can submit a motion, according to the laws of the state of Massachusetts, this motion is called “abatement ab initio”, meaning if the defendant died before running out of all the appeal cases related to state can be back to the original state — that is when before the trial and conviction never happened.

Hernandez’s death took place on the same day as the Super Bowl champion visited the white house. A spokesman for the Patriots said it would not comment. Hernandez, a teammate at the University, is now the center of the Miami dolphins, Mao – Keith – Pang expressed his condolences to the social media.

Last week, CNBC television, and there was a game, when the host said a word, what is he to tell the coach Bailey chick heard the word first thought. Moderator Su – Welch mentioned the name of Aaron – Hernandez.
“Tragedy.” Bailey said the chick. Heartbreaking.” Welch said. “Yeah, that’s a word.” Bailey chick answer.

Yes, Hernandez’s story is a tragedy. There are many people who grow up in a bad environment, but not every one of them commits murder. His mind was sick and cruel, but he was also poor. If there is an afterlife, I hope he can really become a hall of fame class olive players. Whether Hernandez’s family (he had a 4 year old daughter) or the families of victims, all these years has been a great suffering and blow, hope they can out of the shadows, to start a new life.