This spring, I interviewed a well-known local entrepreneur. Tens of thousands of enterprises,Adhere can have the love operating too fast. The boss is very calm and face with a faint smile, that was the fate of sharpened soft. I feel nervous to relieve a lot, take the interview outline and he began to talk. I asked: your business to do authentic packers jerseys green bay so much, is not always very smooth? The entrepreneur smile: ha ha, do business is like a roller coaster, up and down, how do you remember Everything is going smoothly., the 2008 financial crisis? That year, our company by the impact of the most powerful, a few months only received some 00 odd orders, wages are not open, I am anxious every day extremely urgent. Later, there is a large order in the Middle East, we did not carefully trial contract is received. Workers have jobs, wages earned, the company can run on the line.

The goods to the other shore, yet no one. We investigated, is the other credit problems. The goods will throw on the coast, the company fell into despair. I went abroad with my translation. In no foreign country, and I hope all the translation of a home to buy our goods to customers that sell these products, even lose money to sell, don’t throw that. Live a month, the visa expires, but also did not find a buyer, we had to come back. After a period of time, we go again, this time, finally found a buyer. However, the authentic packers jerseys green bay other side of the price low, the cost of a little more than half. No way, do not sell, the loss is greater, the goods on the coast but also to receive storage charges. A bite, and sign the contract, make delivery. In the back of the airport, I looked up at the sky, tears, I do not know what the fate of the company will be. Speaking of which, the entrepreneur to close my eyes, I know he is brought in to calm the emotional memories.

After a while, he opened his eyes: Well, in the past, all in the past, the most difficult time has passed. Goodbye to the entrepreneur, I walked along the road to think. 2008, what am I doing? That year, I just changed a department, the new work is also very difficult. But I don’t have neither fast nor slow internship period, because I was a company man, for departments in order to cultivate comprehensive ability of my. Professional authentic packers jerseys green bay knowledge, new software, new system, new plan, new process, all want to re learn. Others work eight hours a day, I work ten hours a day. Noon after work, I put the rice to buy back the office, while facing the computer, while eating. After work in the afternoon, always the last one out of the office building. The assessment system is like behind the tiger, if the new job performance than before, I will get demoted.

Remember also in August, when the Beijing Olympic games. That day, her husband on a business trip, I would like to go home early to accompany her daughter to watch tv. Leading hurriedly, holding a folder, let me make a plan to work overtime, report the province tomorrow, there is some reference. I made a phone call to my mother, so she took her daughter to her. I started a page to see the information, and then summary. To do the Kids Atlanta Falcons Jerseys program, but also with a office software I just contact. I open the software for authentic packers jerseys green bay a long time, still not a figure, not a few, anxious not to smoke. Look at the clock on the wall, is already ten in the evening, my plan is not a word. The whole building may quiet, only hear my own breath. I was lying on the table and began to cry. But, cry useful?

Helpless, I give a colleague called the phone for help. I took the cry of the sound of his voice, he thought that this big night I was bullied. Listen to me, he said, “don’t worry, I will teach you.”. At eleven in the night, I finally learned how to use the software. I do a little bit by the requirements of the program. At zero thirty, I sent the proposal to the leading mailbox. Looking at the display on the computer “mail has been sent”, I long out of breath. Came to the door, and security have played say hello to the roadside, and other rental. Vehicles on the road have been very few, and most of them are private cars. Occasionally in the past, the taxi is also linked to the “outage” of the lights. Waited for nearly twenty minutes, seeing all the morning, but did not wait until a taxi. I decided to walk, take a step closer to home.

The company on the outskirts of the city, 100 meters out, behind the door there is no light, only the dim lights lit in the blues. Not a pedestrian on the road, my heart in his throat, back sweat. I was authentic packers jerseys green bay horrified to four around, while go forward. Suddenly a moment, the wet shirt collar attached to my face, my sweat and tears to wet. Half past two in the morning, finally saw the door of the district. My heart slowly returned to normal speed. The door, just rented loft neighbors, he sells skewers in the night, just shut the shop back. We both go home together. I asked him what he wanted to do so, and he said he wanted to have a home in the city. He asked me again. I want to say a promotion and salary raise, love the car. Over the past eight years, the 2016 Olympic Games, when the women’s 100 meters backstroke bronze medalist Fu Yuanhui said that “Hong Huang”, I smiled, eyes shed tears.

The entrepreneur, I, as well as selling skewers of neighbors, “the power” is also used to get the dream place. In fact, who is not born with a strong force field. Force you to move forward, not in front of