Share two sentences adjust mentality browns with you. The authentic jerseys learn to trust first sentence: “Don’t wait to be loved to love.,” second words: “Don’t wait to have a good job, to start to work.” this sentence contains several meanings: one is that we should have confidence, believe that we can love others, believe that we can do the work well;

The two is what we have on our own initiative must be obtained; three is the world is wonderful, we are full of confidence in the world, we love others, others will love us, we do the work, must be acknowledged by others.

Some people say that I love others, others do not love me, I do a good job, others do not recognize me, how to do? This is your state of mind. It is a kind of selfish attitude without any foresight to do anything. A quick person is not someone’s love. Do things have to have a right attitude, a lot of time, you have the right attitude, in order to do things right, life can be good direction.

There is a story about the Buddhist, liuzu Huineng once came to a temple in south of the all style jerseys Five Ridges, when the temple was held Foshi, streamers flying. Huineng heard two monks in the discussion about moving flags. A monk said, this is the flag on the move; another monk said, this is what flags on the move, it is the wind blow the flag. Liuzu Huineng took the US said, this is not the flag, nor the wind, but your heart moving. This story illustrates a truth: if the heart, the outside world will change.

We feel that this world is impetuous, because our hearts impetuous; we feel that the world is mediocre, because our hearts mediocre. Our lives will be different if we change our mindset. I am a good example. In the past, I always thought I was a loser. The college jerseys top quality entrance exam three years before the exam, I was loser; go to college without a girl fall in love with me, I am a loser University; the third grade had tuberculosis, I was loser; in the North has taught for seven years without what achievements, I am a loser; did not participate in any activities and group at the University for ten years, I was a loser; out of nowhere was expelled from the Beijing University, I was a loser. Before the age of 30, I have never tasted the joy of success, and my confidence has been destroyed by the reality. Later, I went to the foreign language training department to go to class, through continuous efforts to improve their level of class. Finally, in the classroom, in the eyes of the students found a little self-confidence. When I became more and more interested in training, I made up my mind to be my own school. In the process of doing school, in the process of dealing with others, I continue to experience failure, success, failure and success. This process has created my own firm and indomitable character. My good friend Wang Qiang said to me, “Yu Minhong is as strong as a reed.”! What he means is that although I am flexible, I don’t give in easily. Later, I found that many of the successful people around me had a very soft and very strong character.

In this world, we have to be a little less timid, a little more courage, a little less self-esteem, a little more self-confidence; a little less doubt, a little more trust. In fact, trust means courage and confidence. Believe in the world a little, a little more trust in others, no harm to their own. Most of the time, we must trust in the world, or can’t do anything.

No matter what kind of society, the success of a person to do things ultimately rely on the integrity of the two words. You have faith in others, most people will have faith in you. Even if you are cheated jerseys china for promotion by others, you can’t lose faith, otherwise you will lose the foundation of your success and happiness. To do so for a long time, I was a lot of people cheated, but up to now, I still believe my judgment, still believe that most people are good people. After being cheated, I will not hate the people who cheat me, will only think that my judgment is a problem, wrong in their own, not others. I bear all the responsibility, sum up experience, the next still with a bright state of mind and people. I believe that with a sincere attitude and get along with people is able to move around the majority of people. It is precisely because I have such a mentality, hundreds of New Oriental managers and teachers will become my sincere friend. There’s almost nothing between me and them. Maybe someone treachery, but in my life, not to 1/10 people.

So, in this world, you have to believe in others: trust your efforts at work will be recognized, I believe your sweat will win a good future, believe that when you love a person, your love will be rewarded.