When I was selected by the Chicago bears, I felt a little crazy.

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A kid from a small town, going to a big city. I am from South Carolina, St. Mathews (St. Matthews), the town lived about 2000 households, only two of the traffic lights at the junction, a Haddis, a more than a Chinese food store, where there are several gas station, only this. This is nfl jerseys china where I grew up, I love it.

Then I went to the University of South Carolina – a vast world, um…… But still like a town. There are a lot of southern people, feel like home.
For the first time in the 2012 NFL rookie camp, I was talking to the bears, but I was surprised by the fact that there are two reasons:
First, they say they want me.

Now, before the official draft, you are likely to get the news from multiple teams. I don’t know if they’re trying to test you, or do you have to go through the normal process?. At first it must have been a lot of fun, but once you’ve made a commitment to the team – like me – your reaction could be, “well,” “Okay,” “I know.””.
So when I was selected by the bears in the second round, I was thinking, “Wow, that’s true!”
Besides, I was surprised by the shadow of Chicago in my childhood memory.
From small to large, my father often told me about Walter – Payton (Walter Payton).
“If only you had seen Payton’s game,” he said, “he was the best in history.”

But I didn’t care about Walter Payton, I wanted to be Michael – Jordan. Born in 1990, I was not impressed by the Bulls’ first three. 96 years Jordan back, then I have fallen in love with the basketball, until the 98 year finals to face Brion Jordan – Russell (Bryon Russell) step into quasi lore, already unable to extricate themselves.
I think at that time, any child who knows the ball to see the background, want to become Michael – Jordan. There is no doubt that I am one of them. At that time, I had a dream that one day I would be able to put on the Bulls’ shirt and score the winning goal at the United Center Stadium, just like Mike.

Basketball is my first love, but after entering high school had to make a choice between her and cheap nfl football jerseys. At that time I was about six feet, can be a good point guard in the NBA, but that is not my position in. Do a point guard…… Well, that height, at least, is a long-range shooter.

But I am big and played basketball for so many years, the speed and jumping – outside the over there should be a good prospect. So I thought it was a better chance to make money.
During the University, YouTube came into my sight, then remember father always put Walter Payton, so that one day will find high light highlights of Payton, that I want to see him exactly how to play, and also want to know why so obsessed with his father.

The truth is, father is right.

Payton is the best player I have ever seen.
After being selected by the bears, I made a deep understanding of Payton, some of which was beyond my expectation. My goal is to become the best in team history receivers, then check the record of the team, that in 50s and 60s jalon Hill (Harlon Hill) have the largest number of touchdown catch (40), at the same time, Johnny – Maurice (Johnny Morris) is the total number of the king (ball 5059), and the ball is the most successful……