Two sessions are in full swing in Beijing, do not know when to All fairness is built on begin to care about the state of affairs, so these days I always spend a little time to learn about their own time to understand the two sessions. Although not in politics, but as a Chinese people know about their country’s development trend and direction, I still have great interest in. At noon on the special report “into NPC and CPPCC, had been a” young people looking forward to the NPC and CPPCC news attracted attention, after the point went in to see the house, the car, and It is as expected, work, residence, and so a series bears jerseys patch mouth of problems plaguing the young people today are one after another into the eye. “The household registration should not be a job on the road but the Hom”, the news headlines, such as. In fact, removed from the north of Guangzhou young people about this title is empathy,

difference between locals and foreigners word, it is this one word difference, so bears jerseys patch that the number of young people in the city to settle back. Roll the mouse, there is such a comment on the news below: a rural child I am afraid it is difficult to understand the “time” in the “Youth”, from a good youth may also be difficult to see because of “ordinary world” and moved to tears, this difference is not insurmountable gap index can be class the. See this comment in my mind immediately jumped out of the Yuan Shanshan in the first year of College season inside the group of students to listen to the roar of a sentence, this world is not fair.”

Right, this world is not fair, fair? In fact, not fair, you think the fair bears jerseys patch is in your limited range of a fair just, in a large scale to measure, the world has never been fair. Give two examples.

The arrival of the new millennium and in 2001 China joined the WTO, China English began to be popular in China, the education sector, all rural primary schools should also be popular in English learning. In 2002, that year I was 9 years old, three years of primary school, the first time to get English textbooks do not mention how excited, and feel that they can be turned into an international. That time rural primary school, a school on a grade, a grade on a class, a class on the eight individuals, because I am a little short of the “inherent advantages”, since childhood to enjoy the most of the first row of treatment. That is, and the teacher from the nearest.

Class, the teacher opened the book, the first word is cow (cow). The bears jerseys patch bears jerseys orange numbers teacher sat in front of me, I watched him transform more than and 10 mouth, but lengshi the pronunciation of cow to read out. At that time, I thought, too! Master turned international is out. But at least I think is the eight person inside is not a person I do not speak English, we are not, so want to have a clear conscience.

In 2004, I went to the village primary school on the fifth grade from bears jerseys patch the village primary school, village primary school is a school a grade, there is a different class of two a year, there are more than and 30 people in a class, but I still keep a little “congenital advantage” to sit away from teacher recently position. The first English class, the other students looked confident in English to do a self introduction, I stood up, but uh oh outside don’t know what to say, the teacher reached out and patted my head down and let me sit down. At that moment I was thinking, really not fair, how can we have such a good English teacher to teach, but I did not. But don’t know who to blame? Strange strange land? Or blame the teacher strange parents? An early English promotion, the teacher himself had not learned, and how to blame him? And parents have put their best resources available to you, how can you have the heart to blame. The original fair access to the environment has become unfair.

Hunan TV for a moment there is a program – “deformation”, just bears jerseys patch aired that moment can be described as the audience to earn enough tears. The first time I saw this program is in the middle of the two year of junior high school, when and several students in the teacher’s home to see. First, be deeply moved, crying splinters, even on weekdays, the naughty boy, at the end of the show also became silent. Some time ago I took the previous program to find out once again. Moved is still in, but it also makes me think of a fair two words. Two children of the same size. A food does not say, also pay attention to the so-called brand-name clothing to hand, eat a ready-cooked meal, do not say, but also to picky eaters, parents were asked so demanding. Even if the result is not good, the parents can also send money abroad; and a young age, to take care of the elderly, to take care of the younger brother and sister, to eat their own cooking, can fill the stomach on the line, does not picky with his life intersect, the so-called brand name for him more like the alien presence. Not to mention the study abroad Arabian Nights, even if the result then outstanding, but also good to where to go? Different educational resources. It’s not fair that they were just as long as they were in the mother’s stomach.

The last time I saw on the show in micro-blog, a lot of bears jerseys patch people say, “deformation meter” truly change the city only child, because to contact in their rural life, become sensible. For rural children? After the program is completed, or to go back to his original life,