Today All grow up because of I want to pass three stories, three bears nike throwback jerseys me basic principles of economics.The first story, it’s the theme of the word called “eliminate the choice”I was born in Beijing, the kindergarten has not graduated, it was sent to the countryside. The first day of primary school students between classes called me to the playground, I silly just past, yet firm, have a classmate quietly ran behind me, my trousers pulled down, grilled. Burning shame and humiliation! What should I do? Looking for the teacher in charge.

I told the teacher is about to complain, I didn’t quite understand the dialect, probably mean to say you stupid boy, even a trousers can not hold.

Then I went home, I was very clear, if I tell my parents, my parents love me a little different, certainly must be taught me that you made a mistake, the farmer’s children are very simple, how can you play?

So I guess I have no choice. I have to rely on myself. How do you rely on yourself? Three things.

The first thing, I found my mother, you have to give me a rope, tied up my pants.

Second things, I want to run, I can not win, I want to learn to run first.

Third things, I have to watch the children fight.

Finally, the opportunity came, a month later, my teacher asked me to be on jerseys supply center duty. At this time the four or five men to hit me, I’ll tell them around, catch a chance at a classmate smashed in the past. He didn’t prepare, his head against the desk.

The second day, my mother bought biscuits, took me to the students at home to apologize bears nike limited jerseys. That is on the edge of a cow, the taste of life I have not forgotten! That is the fragrance, I have tasted the sweetness of victory for the first time, since then, no one dare to bully me.

What does this thing tell me? In the absence of choice, people can be excited to come out.

Look at our young people, today your problem, not without choice, but the choice is too much. Many of my students, often to ask me, what to do in the future, especially doctoral students. I said that you have not wanted to read the doctor to know what the future of this problem.

If Ma Yun, the examination results, can be admitted to a good school, read the financial, I am afraid that today is not necessarily to start a business, right? If Ma long, like Sa Beining half so handsome, it is possible to a TV station as a chair, not a business? So our Ye Hao Ma, or Liu Qiangdong, they tend to be passive, to eliminate many choices, fight to win or die.

The second story, its theme is called “human capital””

In 1992, I graduated from the doctor, looking for a job. The first to go to the New York University, the Department of the director decided to give me a job. A week later, the Department of economics at University of Michigan called me up and said that I was going to ask me to work in the Department of economics.

So I ran into a problem of choice, New York University financial department, financial Wholesale jerseys authentic research level is very high, the salary is two times of the University of Michigan, how to do? The dean of the Department of New York University, who happens to be a classmate of my father, so I speak very straight. “I paid you two times as much as the other people in the Department of economics, you come to me, you give me a special study of financial problems. Don’t make your Chinese economic research!”

This sentence in my brain again and again, I chose economics, think of China’s things. If I went to the New York University, just let me study the financial problems, not directly with China community, my future will be how to do? Will I be happy? Think of here, hesitate to economic system.

Why? In terms of economics, I think the future is the human capital. What is human capital? Is your future, the ability to obtain happiness.

In a sense every one of us, you do not have to buy stocks, you already have cheap jerseys onlin a big stock, that is, you do! You are the CEO of your stock, the chairman of the board, your supervisor, your teacher, your parents, your classmates, all your shareholders. So your main task today should be how to do your main business, how to make your future more happy.

On whether to flee Beijing, today I can endure the pain of big cities, but the future I will be more happy. Because I’m in the big city, I got the chance to work and the chance to exercise. I know a lot of young people like me, and there are a lot of mentors to guide me.

The third story, its theme is called “circle””

This is the story of a very good friend of mine. The student in the last century, in 80s, the University of Boston. He wanted to know early in the morning to engage in financial, how to enter the financial circle it? Every weekend, he goes to Boston by bus.

American bus, not Shanghai, Beijing, five minutes, one jerseys different size hour, one class na! He needs to carry food, with the milk, walk a day. Go to Financial Street, Boston, look at the hall, looking at the door, down these companies responsible person, what is the name of the department. After finding the headquarters of the company is the operator, call in the past, I need to talk to Mr Smith, he is what department. The switchboard operator heard, this guy is quite reliable, put in. So he passed this way, with the Wall Street in Boston branch on the ground