There are a lot of All the bills dareus jerseys good stories around us,will be perfect Nirvana more than we can not afford to go to pick.My father was born in 72 years, 90 years of failed. As father said, repeat a year are sure to enter a good university, but there was no conditions, 6 siblings, almost all the time to get married. My grandfather was a “fail in an examination, at the foot of a road.” Sent to the northeast to Grandpa, grandpa is the origin, status at the time of high.

On the back of snakeskin bag, Chuaizhe grandma burned bad bread, boarded a train to the north. He was the first to ride the train to Huaian, there is no direct train to Shenyang, transfer to Xuzhou. Trains in Xuzhou, because around on the platform, the police patrol found, check the backpack, found several pieces of bad bread, he waved, go ahead.

To the great grandfather’s house, that the identity of the great grandfather, how can arrange a job. But the great grandfather of revolutionary origin, has never been for the family to seek a little welfare. Children are also a common life, and now the best is only in the bank. At that time, aunt and aunt at home in the matchbox, earn some money, my dad will follow them with paste. Grandpa see this is not the thing, with Grandpa bad account, aunt do business is to make money, he said to the point of capital to learn to do business with the ladies. My dad is like “life” in his way, not as an intellectual fragile self-esteem, not willing to go out, there is no business talent. Set up a grocery stalls, he stood by holding a book to read with relish, people do not know to greet, was also not a businessman. In the Northeast wasted about half a year, even didn’t earn a return fare.

Later, I went to Hebei Cangzhou, great aunt’s son, should be called the uncle of the table (we call it) jerseys different color, do it in the food station, dad to him. There’s a good thing to do right now. My dad went to the flour mill, flour mill machine was very old, a sky is dust, keep my eyes open, now is not where to go, silicosis, occupation disease flour factory workers. After one or two months, I can’t do it. Also Tashangguitu, this time finally earn money.

In early 90s, it was the beginning of the flow of migrant workers, many people in the village have to go to Guangdong, Shanghai earned a lot of money. Grandpa, you go to Shanghai, I was also the aunt in Shanghai, just to have a look.

Ergu trustee in the outskirts of Shanghai to find a job for him, casing factory. Is the pig small intestine to sausage casings. At that time did not start, to build the site, on the ground covered with bricks, my father would go to the construction site on a long drag bricks. Tired to death every day. Finally, built a factory. Start to work, work is to scrape out the filth in the pig intestine. As we all know, intestines is what, that taste, finish the work place or give off an unbearable stink, where they sleep. My dad can only work is also good in phone snapshots, with Ergu said it can only say so.

The boss asked him to check later specifically from the small intestine, the slaughterhouse, forty miles, with a tricycle. Total pig slaughterhouse in the middle of jerseys factory supply the night, my father was at eight or nine o’clock in the evening, riding empty to slaughter, slaughter line, pig stomach cut open, pig, pig liver, pig kidneys resting here; resting there; e. throwing side, throwing over the small intestine. My dad would have to go up and grab the small intestine, put it on the plate, loading, loaded on a hundred pounds. Tashangguitu, had to work before others and drag it to the place. When climbing, doom pedal, wheel does not turn, dad always envious of passing if I can ride bike, like riding a bike is good.

The boss to see all the hard work, bought a fish, will reward you. Please next to the grandmother on behalf of a burn, we are full of expectations, the results of the first taste of the mouth on the spit, too salty, do not know how much salt is put aside. “I know you are selling the toil of people, if not salty, not the fish you eat.” Is so salty also have to eat ah.

“I jerseys china factory won’t do it all my life, and I’m not the same as them.” Dad was with the mindset of Dili in suffering. It is half a year after the home who also hides 200 dollars.

Home to get married, after all, the age is not small. In the vicinity of the primary school began to substitute teachers, high school at the time is not low enough to teach primary school education is at least. At that time to teach high school is also a graduate of Huaiyin Teachers College, now the Huaiyin Normal University, that time is still a technical secondary school. My dad what are stronger than others, is also substitute than the regular college graduation day teachers. Broadcast operation at the time. Don’t class queue is a mess, you, come to their seats. And my dad’s class, shouting slogans out of line with the music. The result of the game does not have to say.

When I was a little older, my dad returned to Shanghai, where he was a small department store and a cashier. Sometimes without a license to drive a truck or something. I was at that time, six years old before and after several times in Shanghai, in Shanghai, earn a lot of money, the relative is indeed a lot of. Before my dad, aunt, sister, uncle, uncle. My dad also began to regain the textbooks at that time, drinking in others, playing cards, chatting, back to politics, medical. participate in