She is a native All the dreams browns white jerseys of Hunan miaonv. Because at home will blossom his family was poor, can not afford to pay tuition, to the high one, he dropped out of Shenzhen, followed by a cousin in the hotel waiter. With a junior high school diploma, four hundred and thirty-seven dollars, several sets of clothes, a pair of leather shoes, more than a dozen books. Besides, she had nothing.

Sick, stood at the entrance of the hospital, but did not dare to go; in the bus, by telephone IC Kadang bus IC card but draw no money; at the snack slobber in the supermarket; Huaqiang North to walk from the east gate, to save two dollars. Even the most beauty in the young girl’s age, she never bought a piece of more than one hundred yuan in the stalls selling clothes, all twenty or thirty pieces of clothes. Can not afford to buy cosmetics, in addition to mite soap instead of facial cleanser, after washing, squeeze the orange water in the hands of make-up water to shoot.

Compared to the material distress, the more terrible is dignity trampled. Because engaged in the service industry, it is necessary to deal with all kinds of people. She is not high quality people pick the thorn, more being wronged others stole the diamond ring. She was so angry that she didn’t want to remember, and she didn’t want to cry. She finally realized that you can’t change the world, but if you can’t change the world, only to change their own.

No and no diploma of proficiency in a particular line, she is concerned, to Wholesale jerseys authentic change the fate of the minimum threshold of only writing in this way.

At that time she lived in a dormitory room of eight people, because the time is not the same, so there is always someone in the dorm to sleep or talk. At that time the computer is a very luxurious thing, the waiter did not, she did not dare to think of a computer. She did not have a desk, there is only a public table, which is full of food and daily necessities, want to write can only climb to their bed, the curtain pulled down, open a small table lamp to sit there to write.

And she did not dare to let the dormitory know what they are doing, because they must be laughed at. Although she was already in some stall magazines, see some magazines stealing her article, and colleagues buy back on the bed, but she didn’t say she was afraid of what people will think: she’s crazy.

Because she’s ever had such a shame. She often takes a small book, as long as one is free, even in the lobby of the office, she will write on it. Because she has to work for nine hours every day, there are colleagues. But she still insisted on writing thousands of words every day. Ideas, sentences, descriptions. Gradually, her little books more and more, many years later, she still use these little book material accumulated knowledge and writing.

She kept silent. Every day under the class, she would have to go to the village of black bars in the city, the idea of a day of the article written in one breath.

Because at that time she was very poor, if typing is not a little faster, it will be a waste of cost, so a three thousand or four thousand word article, she is only one hour to write.

In fact, just started writing when her very general level, spelling Lianpian, no rhetoric, no tricks, no clue.

But she has the cheap jerseys online ordinary people do not have the will. This is the Internet writing, she write for five or six years. She spends all her time writing. When others are playing games, she was writing; when people fall in love, in her writing; when people walking on the street shopping, she was writing; when others talk talk QQ be in full swing in the network, in her writing; when people travel, while others in her writing; when the negative life complain, in her writing…… For about five years, she had not earned a penny, but she had been doing it all the time.

Many talented people than her, once on the network literature with the people, will not write, soundless and stirless quit. And she insisted on it. Because she knows her mediocre quality, no help, can only rely on, only their own unremitting efforts and hard work.

When she finally wrote the famous in the network, and has a lot of Editing Manuscripts, she made a decision to resign, to buy a computer at home full-time writing.

From the network to the self transformation for money magazine, she took great pains.

Because the market has never been in contact with the text, in order to be able to write a good magazine, she rode a bike every day to the library, read magazines to copy magazines. For a day, noon eat to bring your own lunch. She is about three months, copy a few big notes on what articles for magazines clearly understand what.

Just watching and writing, because the foundation is good, and listen to the editor’s words, unconditionally modify any proposed editorial opinion, after half a year, can each magazine draft. When she was writing for editing, editing is big on dove, the editor for writing quickly, to write this column immediately. Wake up at midnight by editing deadline. He wore linen, eyes narrowed start typing. Because of her sincerity, gradually in the circle has a reputation and contacts. Naturally, many people began to help her.

Finally, her first novel was published in 2006. Get the book that day, it was her 24 birthday.