Weekend to participate in an entrepreneur’s presentation will All the pain is just for be about their company’s situation and ideas, to benefit a lot. But what the baby cleveland browns jerseys dream makes me unforgettable is the story of his youth.He said, now worth millions, a house and a car, very lucky and very grateful. But you know, so he has to achieve success and win recognition, the site moved brick, wandering in the park, eat leftovers in the restaurant. At that time, the cause of the start, need a lot of money, he put all their savings are invested in, and finally failed to lose all.

At that time he was the darkest moment in life, penniless, he was thrown out baby cleveland browns jerseys of the rental housing, find a job is sleeping in the park, no money to eat to the restaurant before waiting for someone else’s leftovers. Later, there is no way to go to the site to move bricks, very tired very hard, but at least there is a place to eat dinner.

Sometimes, the dream on the road, in addition to adhere to, work hard, have to baby cleveland browns jerseys eat the bitter. To swallow more painful experience, just carry the dream of how heavy.

Years later, when the entrepreneur recalls the bitter past again, he was smiling, as baby cleveland browns jerseys if the pain did not hurt him. He said, very grateful to those who eat the bitter years, because of the experience, just know what they have now is how lucky and happy. I survived, All sufferings have their reward., you will see hope.

There was a college classmate was born poor, from the valley village passed into the big city. He is very poor, asked the village to lend money to get enough tuition, he looked at the bent body lying in bed, parents, grandmother and younger brother just on the junior high school, said stubbornly not going to college. As a result, his father gave him a hard fight, and then no doubt that this study must be on the way to let you go.

Wait until the University, he applied for poor All the pain is just for students funded, received the school grants, a few hundred dollars a month,the baby cleveland browns jerseys dream enough of his living expenses. Never saw him get online to buy clothes, in addition to the necessities of life, his dormitory almost a blank. Some classmates sent him a second-hand old phone, he was grateful for a long time. In his spare time, he can always find a variety of part-time, every time he made money, he carefully folded under the pillow, until the end of the month to send home, so that the home is also a point of debt.

He thought that through this period of time, such as graduation to work to make money baby cleveland browns jerseys, will be able to bring your family a better life. But the destiny is always joking around, in his junior year, suddenly hit, falling from the sky dad in the site, need amputation. He was completely confused, a man hiding in the corner crying, he did not know why life should be like this to him.

After all, he continued his studies. Counselors know that he organized a collection of baby cleveland browns jerseys the situation, the government also gave his home a certain funding. Although life is still hard, but at least there is a way out.

Since then, he became more hard, graduated from the school’s “outstanding graduates” title baby cleveland browns jerseys, and got a famous company offer. On graduation day, he invited the whole class to have a meal. On the table, he first so happily drunk, your eyes are dim, he stood up to all the people made a big bow. He said with a smile, thank you in the darkest days gave him a light, so that he can stick to the end.

He said that during that time, he really completely collapsed, but after the end of the boil, only to find that there is no one can not go to the hom. Now, his life is going well, although still can not relax for a moment, but he no longer complain about life. Now that fate has given him this card, the only thing he can do is to do his best.

Most of the time, we will complain about life, think the fate is so unfair, their desperate baby cleveland browns jerseys efforts suffered bitter, but still couldn’t get better. But you are really young ah, you are now experiencing the suffering of life on the road is just a little test. Long life, long suffering, hardship is not terrible, afraid of a little bit of frustration will make you frightened, panic and disarray, and began to doubt my life, doubt. If you don’t believe in yourself, what should you do to face the world?

So ah, now eat bitter, may not be a bad thing. Taste a bitter life, to be more grateful life baby cleveland browns jerseys, to cherish the hard won happiness. How much pain will be in the past, as long as we take a step, and then insist on it, across the past, is the distance. As long as the ground of human suffering will not die by us in the past, we still hope that there may be a comeback.