British boy Ai Allow yourself buffalo bills jerseys Jinsen, because cheap the future he was stupid, and behave clumsy and naive, became the object of teasing the students, even teachers are not willing to give him. A teach poetry class teacher also implored him to elect other classes. Although Atkinson is a good student homework on time, but he read works of funny expressions always let the students of each class will be uproarious, he Jiaocheng gruel, so that the teacher can not continue to lecture. The history teacher who gave him 35 points said: “he has no sense of history.” Atkinson’s father is that his brain has a problem, not an idiot is mentally retarded, even seldom talk to him.

To the society of Ai Jinsen because he Hantai full face and clumsy and naive manner can not find work, extremely low self-esteem of Ai Jinsen around the wall, harassed, and all day long he passively in the study room to drink.

Only one hundred and fifty percent of his mother thought he was excellent. Atkinson’s mother was a gardener, she will take his son to her garden, pointing to a wide variety of flowers and said: “each flower has the opening and those who are not open, but did not wait until the season. The same is true of everyone, everyone has the opportunity to succeed, but not wait until the right time. However, in the absence of flowers for their own open season, the need to absorb nutrients and sunlight, saving enough energy to wait for their own season. So, you have to save enough energy now, that is to learn more knowledge, experience more frustration, accumulate more life wisdom, wait for the season to belong to you, you will naturally blossom a beautiful flower of life.”

Atkinson from mother confidence on their own eyes stood up, even after nike nba jerseys top quality a long time, he still failed to find a job, but he was not discouraged, he remembered his mother’s words, that is not their own incompetence, just their own successful season has not arrived.

Until the British “non 9 news” the cast of the director saw Ai Jinsen’s performance after the laughter, Ai Jinsen knew, he was admitted. Later he played “Mr. Bean” because a little clumsy, a bit naive, a little way of thinking, a little shy, and loved by the audience, so he quickly became popular in the uk.

Now, “Mr. Bean” silly to the whole world, the neatly dressed, but simple minded, often fled into the disaster on the guy, “Mr. Bean” to make Hollywood attitude into Losangeles, he’s good at “trouble making engineering”. The film at the box office has exceeded 100 million U.S. dollars in Europe, public screening in the United States, also received rave reviews. Atkinson, until finally his blossom season.

Yes, as long as you keep waiting for energy savings, will eventually usher in the future flowers.

Game theory is one of the basic theories of modern economics. It studies the choice of people’s decision-making and the corresponding equilibrium problem. To give a classic case of the game will help us to understand what is the game, which is known as the pig game”.

This example is: there are two pigs in piggery, a big pig, a pig. A pedal pigsties side, each step on the pedal, pedal away from the pen on the other side of the feed inlet will fall a few food. If there is a pig to step on the pedal, the other pig will have the opportunity to eat the food to the other side. When the little pig pedal, big pig before the pig manger went to eat all the food; if the big pig before stepping on the pedal, then have the opportunity to finish down in the pig food to eat at their manger. Now ask: “what strategies will each pig take?” The answer is: pig will comfortably in a trough, and the pig was a little scraps tirelessly busy between the pedal and the manger. This game is used by economists to explain a series of social and economic phenomena.

The pig actually choose to largest discount jerseys wait, let the big pig pedal, and choose “boat” (or ride) the reason is very simple: in the premise of big pig selection action, pig action, pigs can get too little income; and the pig to wait, you can get a higher income wait, wait for the premise of superior action; in the big pig pig, if anything, the pig will get lower, or even zero, in short, is better than waiting for action.

In the operation of small enterprises, learn how to “free ride” is the most basic quality of a professional manager. At some point, if you can pay attention to wait for other big companies to develop the market, is a wise choice, this time not to be able to!

For example, in a new product just listed, its performance and function are not yet familiar with the situation, if the new product is not only a small business, but also other production capacity and sales ability of enterprise, so that small businesses need not first to invest a lot of advertising promotional products in order to achieve the dominant position, and other enterprises and the purpose of brand competition. A smart manager should first conduct a detailed accounting in ahead of the expected return and the cost of products for brand competition will expand reproduction, and wait for the big city enterprises.