U.S. Secretary American buffalo bills game of state Rice’s worn jerseys secret of success struggle history is legendary, just over 20 years, she became a famous black girl from a highly respected diplomat, miraculously completed from the ugly duckling to the evolution of the white swan. When asked about her success, she said because I give concise and to the point, the above average 8 times of toil!

When Rice was a child, racial discrimination in the United States was very serious. Especially in her life in the city of Bermingham, the status of the black is very low, everywhere by white discrimination and oppression.

When Rice was 10 years old, the family came to visit New York, the capital city. Because of the black skin, their family was blocked out of the White House, can not go into the same as others! Little Rice humiliated, bite to see the White House, and then slowly turned and told her father: “one day, I will become the master of the house!”

Rice’s parents, who admired her daughter’s bravery and often warned her, “the best way to improve the situation of our black people is to achieve extraordinary success. If you come up with double momentum forward, perhaps half position was white; if you are willing to pay four times of hard work, you can tell if you can pay jerseys supply center the white racing together bridle to bridle; eight times of hard work, will be rushed to the front of the white!”

In order to achieve this goal before the white head, “Rice for decades as one day, to go beyond the others 8 times the hard toil strenuously learning, accumulating knowledge, increase their abilities. Ordinary white Americans only speak English, she also besides native language proficiency in Russian, French and Spanish; whites mostly just learning in University, she was admitted to the University of Denver and a Ph.D. in American schools; ordinary white American 26 year olds may graduate students do not read, she is the youngest female professor at the Stanford University, then the University also served as the youngest provost. () ordinary white Americans mostly will not play the piano, but she is not only good at it, but also won the American Youth Piano Competition in the first; in addition, Rice also carefully studied tennis, skating, ballet, etiquette training, and won the first American youth piano competition. She can do what the white man can do, and the white man can’t do it. The most important is that ordinary white Americans may only know far Russia is a cold country, she is the leading Russian weapons control authority. “8 times of hardship, God helps those who help themselves,” brought “8 times achievement”, she finally soar talent shows itself.

Life philosophy:

In life, we are eager to make contributions, also hope to participate in fair competition, but in fact, the real fair competition are very few in this world, there is always this kind of unfair factors in the way. So, in order to win the competition, and not only the crooked ways doings, perseverance, by the slow need to start early., spend more time and energy than others, like Rice, pay more than others “8 times of hardship”, to win the undisputed advantages of. There are grounds for a harvest, eager for success but always with no success, without complaining, you should ask yourself: do you pay eight times of hardship?

It divides the fate, can be roughly divided into two types: one is born lucky; a life to have bad luck. Taiwan disabled painter Xie Kunshan belongs to the latter, and seem to be born with no luck, bad luck together, bad luck again, too bad in a complete mess, it became “hapless”.

Because the family was poor, no money for his education, so Xie Kunshan had dropped out. However, living in poverty has also made him precocious, very small to understand the hardships and hardships of their parents. So from the age of 12, he went to work on the site cheap jerseys online, with his tender shoulder to support the family. However, this does not favor the fate is a sensible child, a total disaster befell him. At the age of 16, he lost his arms and a leg because of a touch of high voltage. At the age of 23, an accident caused him to lose an eye. Subsequently, his girlfriend also quietly away from him……

Face the fate of one hit, Xie Kunshan did not complain, and therefore did not sink. But in order not to drag the poor parents, not to outlast that poor family, he resolutely chose to stray. With a disability on the road, alone, and the fate of the game.

In the days of wandering, Xie Kunshan busy working, earn money to live; while busy public welfare, social assistance. Later, he gradually fell in love with the painting, he wanted to give his gray life coloring.