Runner Chris Johnson announces retirement

On Monday, Chris Johnson jerseys 23# announced its retirement and ended its 10 year NFL career.

Johnson was Titan’s first round No. 24 show in 2008, and showed his full offensive ability after joining the league. For 6 consecutive seasons, the ball has been pushed over 1000 yards and won the award of the best offensive player of the year. In 2009, Johnson scored 2006 yards in the regular season, caught 503 yards and reached 16 matches, which made the League remember his name.

But Johnson failed to repeat this feat again. He served briefly for jet in 2014 and played for the cardinals in the next three years. After the Adrian Peterson, the Cardinals cut off the Johnson they no longer needed.

It is worth mentioning that Johnson performed well in the 2015 season, pushing the ball forward 814 yards. But in the end he gave up the main task to the David Johnson.

The 33-year-old veteran entered the professional bowl three times in his career. Arizona Cardinals nfl jerseys wholesale He pushed the ball 9651 yards, caught the ball 2255 yards and reached 64 times.