Patrick - Ma Holmes, Texas Tech

Patrick – Ma Holmes, Texas Tech

Height 188 cm, weight of 102 kg

Introduction: Ma Holmes’s Texas Tech using Arizona Cardinals Football Jerseys offensive tactics is the traditional air raid tactics (air raid), although Ma Holmes in three years the main career was very high (2015 yards and 36 touchdowns in 15 season, 4653 steals, 5052 yards and 41 touchdowns on the season 10 steals), but are not considered gold the volume is very high. He is considered to be selected, at least two years of study time, and then in the NFL play the main force.

Ma Holmes’s arm class, sideways pass and frontal pass can do, let the ball out of one shot 50 yards is not a problem. His accuracy is very interesting, the entire college career has been known to make a variety of difficult to pass, in the traditional characteristics of the high frequency of air attack tactics, his overall play is good. But to make it at the same time, also means that he often don’t see those unmarked receivers. From these difficult pass, but also to see his mental attributes are good, but the difference between his tactics and professional league tactical difference is too large, so the experience is a problem. Ma Holmes’s ability to move is also good, there is ball ability, the only problem is that he had some time to escape the bag too early.

Scoring summary
Mental attributes: medium; precision: medium; arm: excellent; moving ability: good
Draft forecast: No. thirty-fourth, San Francisco, No. 49, Losangeles, No. thirty-sixth, Chicago bears; or lightning, No.

DeShawn Cazale (DeShone Kizer), University of Notre Dame

Height 199 cm, weight of 106 kg Arizona Cardinals Football Jerseys

Abstract: Cazale’s extraordinary talent, his ability to move the arm and body, can let a person think of this – Rosli Sberg and Joe Flacco, but he has some not mature. In the new year after the red shirt a year, he played two years on the main force to participate in the draft draft, it was a little too anxious. Whether it is the NFL team scouts and management personnel, or his alma mater, Blaine coach, Kelly, all agreed that he should be in the university to improve the level of a year. Anyway, since he’s decided to run, let’s take a look at him.

Cazale as Ma Holmes, arm strength, in the range of NFL should be first-class level, and the speed is fast. Just need to adjust the balance and body coordination when passing. Cazale’s pass accuracy also has good potential in the short and long distance can pass, but in passing when moving some lazy, because does not have the right balance and misalignment. As a tall type, Cazale has enough athletic ability to move in his pocket, even out of pocket. He was able to hide well under pressure, but he still hesitated. Relatively speaking, the spiritual attributes of Cazale’s weak link, which is also related to his qualifications too shallow. Whether in our circle, trailing tactical command center formation, or read the opponent’s defense and make adjustments before serving in all these cheap atthentic jerseys aspects, he also needs to accumulate experience. His advantage is more confident, not because the red pass pressure overcautious.

Scoring summary

Mental attributes: medium; precision: good arm strength; excellent; moving ability: good

Draft forecast: more likely. Any current quarterback advanced in age team, such as the New Orleans saints, the Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers and so on, are likely to choose him in the second or third stage. New York jets, Chicago bears, Kansas City Chiefs and other teams who are not completely satisfied with the main quarterback may also be able to pick him up.

In general, this is the lunar new year. Trube Khodorkovsky and Watson two people, can become a champion in the second place, back could fall to the second round. In addition to the four of us are introduced, the other for the good quarterback include Joshua – Dobbs (Joshua Dobbs, University of Tennessee), Nathan Pittman (Nathan Peterman, University of Pittsburgh), Davies Webb (Davis Webb, University of California at Berkeley), Brad (Brad Kaaya, Kaya Florida, University of Miami) and so on, but these the earliest players are to be selected in the first round. Although the year without a quarterback was thought to be able to immediately become the masters quarterback, but last year’s Prescott experience we have in this year’s so visible before the eyes, these players, there will be a dark horse might appear.