Harrison conducts strength training for Arizona Cardinals New Jerseys

40 year old muscle exhibition abnormal strength

The 40 year old devil muscle metamorphosis for iron, no one dared to challenge the Steelers

The Steelers veteran James – Harrison’s strength training project, what is impossible, for example, recently the devil muscle has a new play, this time he chose to exercise his crazy waist strength, he will be 14 45 pound barbell disc on the barbell 45 pounds, put in his abdomen with abdominal strength to straighten the barbell, this for 675 pounds (306KG) weight make people afraid.

In the offseason training group, super strength training is the standard configuration of the Steelers veteran, but did not try like James Harrison to do the training, in the defense of James Steelers Harrison is already legendary presence. This group of her abdominal muscles in his Instagram and Harrison released the video so many people said “eat melon like this person is 29 years old so badly, but ordinary people at the age of 29, perhaps even half of Harrison are not up to the weight training. For the veteran, many Steelers players said he was sick.

“He’s the only one to do that. He’s the only one who can lift the whole planet on a barbell.” Steelers players spontaneously said. Previously the Steelers players also let Harrison tried to push a weight of more than 640KG to walk 5 yards, the Pittsburgh Steelers are unable to find the second players who do this. The only question now is, will Harrison still be able to stand up after all this training? It’s hard to say. Anyway, it’s quite useful for men to exercise the waist with this weight.


The strongest outside take open tear lion

The Detroit lions international famous catcher, “Megatron” Calvin – Johnson said he could not accept the Detroit lions in his retirement after the doings. He thought the lion in a number of things to do very inhumane, so from Calvin Johnson as he and the lion had unilaterally to do, he will not say in many other things.

The Detroit lions has been previously retired Johnson No. 81 ideas, but perhaps because Calvin Johnson did not last season in the lion get the team some special treatment, or maybe he had some special way to give the lion to honor Johnson, now Johnson said his relationship with the Detroit lions the end, he did not want to say Arizona Cardinals New Jerseys too much about things with the lion.

“I don’t want to talk about the lions too many things, because our relationship has come to an end, I just don’t want to be treated in such a way, this is the whole reason, I mean, all right, I’m not addicted to these ceremonial things, I just I think the team did not get from love, it is a greeting and do they usually do this, this is what it is like what.” Calvin – Johnson said.

But Megatron did not say too much details, people do not know exactly what the lion will make the famer feel so unhappy, perhaps this is because when Calvin Johnson retired, asking them to repay the lions he had previously signed a contract by about $3 million 200 thousand signing bonus is 1/10 is $320 thousand, this is the male will be retired from the players on the part of the money. But there are few such players to the team for the money, especially Megatron such legendary players, he holds the ball record –1964 code NFL history of single season, almost impossible to have the players to do this feat. If Megatron fell out because the matter with the lion, it is not a good comment about what is right and wrong.