Lose a wife and fold the Falcon, lose the ball and lose the professional bowl.

On Tuesday, the Falcon announced the inclusion of Deion Jones jersey in the injury list.

Jones enters injury list

The team coach, Dan Quinn, said: “After Tuesday’s game, Dion reported that he had a sore foot, so we gave him a further test. The result was delivered to us today. Unfortunately, he needs more treatment and we have to put him on the injury list. Hopefully Dion will be back in the defence this season. He has all the qualities that Atlanta Falcon players jerseys deserve. Although he won’t play with us for the time being, he will still be in the team facilities.

Jones suffered a foot injury in the 12-18 Falcon defeat, and Keanu Neal was on the injury reserve shortly before.

Jones has just entered his career for third years. He is the two round of the Falcon 2016 show and has become the backbone of the defensive team. He has completed 253 tackles, 23 passes, 7 cuts and 2 touchdowns. In the Thursday night race against eagle, Jones completed 9 tackles, 1 intercepts and 20 yards.

The Falcon carried out several large-list operations on Monday, including the signing of Corey Nelson and security guard Kate Tandy.