How many children today, not only to the American style of freedom, but also the authentic nike dallas cowboys jerseys Chinese style of love, but no American children’s initiative is the goal of all the fans, but also lost the Chinese traditional filial piety. However, this group of children into the community, both the United States and the company’s welfare, but also the Chinese style of iron rice bowl, but not the United States and the self-discipline of the Chinese traditional employees. From the bargain, lose the principle grew up, when the reasonable fair, when the unreasonable intercede.” That’s right, don’t admit it! Don’t let the retired parents fight for you for another 20 years.

When I was in college, my mom paid 600, gave me 300, and she was 300. Not to mention the authentic nike dallas cowboys jerseys price of things, then the students at least 800 to 1000 of the cost of living, but also will be enough, and now it is even higher. Of course, I belong to the parents did not have the money, the money to give their children a better, of course, better. Hard work? Hard. Tired? Especially tired! Is there any other way? Of course, let my mother give me more money selling. But can you do that? My 300 drink porridge, my mother will not eat 300 pieces of Roasted Chicken life.

I have two distant twin sister, a sophomore now, family background is good, a authentic nike dallas cowboys jerseys few days ago to find I know how to find a tutor, and whether it is safe. Family education may be very good for the holidays, the income is good, but the girls will be a little bit more dangerous, so I encourage them to do something else, supermarket promotions, coffee shop, etc.. They told me: “we are done, want to do some new things, exercise yourself, holiday to earn their own money.” These two children, from small to large, I have not seen three, but these words let me have a good impression on them. I particularly like to strive to make progress, take the initiative to bear more children. Someone asked me: “I have nothing special, want to part time, do something good?””

A lot of people in the exchange name card, back, tidy, be arranged a place, then the card is authentic nike dallas cowboys jerseys a card, strange name or strange name. But some people, after a business trip, will give the card strange name, or only once the stranger, send a SMS, email, and so began to establish a communication channel. The stranger slowly, and the strange name, you will become familiar with the people, to establish contact, maybe one day, you may get valuable information to him, or in-depth exchanges and exchange opportunities.

I have a business trip, I have a few colleagues and an expert in the industry to authentic nike dallas cowboys jerseys exchange business cards. At that time a large number of people, the scene was a bit messy, I believe he did not leave any impression on me. Our communication is limited to self introduction and simple greetings. After a trip back, I wrote an e-mail to him, in addition to the expression of his respect, but also to ask him a few questions. I did not hope that he can reply, unexpectedly, the day I received his reply, not only detailed answers to the questions I ask, I also introduced another expert, let me have a problem, can consult him with.

I said: “that after work to go to the cafe to play hours, working hours can also Many a little make a mickle., learn a lot of things.” Results, for fear of losing face, too little money, I feel very tired after work, but also to serve others, in case of overwork, how to do? A few days ago someone asked me: “because so much of Beijing City, did not really tired, but the salary is acceptable, can not work overtime, you can help recommend a.” You have to find, recommend me, okay? You still have no money to be forced into a corner, you try to change your parents for your money, so they will choose?