Baer corruption in a higher salary, Steelers renewal and Baer rupture

Leviant – Baer is probably one of the most efficient NFL league players jerseys, but he and his club Pittsburgh Steelers failed to complete a long term contract this season, Baer may be in privilege under the label continue to Pittsburgh Steelers in a year. This week Baer privilege label deadline date, the Steelers have failed to reach them to meet the agreement with Baer, as a result, leviant – Baer is currently not likely to sign a long-term contract with the Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers had hoped to achieve this desire, but for this period of time after Baer hit the privilege of labels, they have been trying to sign a contract with Baer, the Steelers even opened up to Baer for $12 million a year, but Baer leviant mercilessly rejected. Baer believes that their value is much higher than the $12 million, he not only said “I guess I need to get better” such words on his twitter, to suggest their own ideas to the outside world, soon after, Baer formally to the media to express their views.

“It’s frustrating, but business is business. I think my value is definitely higher than their price, so I’m not in a hurry to sign contracts that don’t fit me.”.” Baer said.

Obviously the Steelers out of Baer’s the salary exceeding $12 million contract to let him become the NFL’s highest paid running back, and will greatly surpass now the highest paid running back – Le Sean Mccoy for $8 million a year, but Baer did not accept the Steelers offer, Baer even did not say what they really want a contract how, but you can guess is that the total annual salary of $12 million to let Baer heart, but the problem may be in the margin, Baer might want more security to determine the amount of the actual income of their own.

Baer also stressed that he only wants to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but Baer still did not sign the Steelers $12 million 100 thousand privilege label, nor did he report the team’s training camp, but Baer is actively considering a postoperative rehabilitation situation, this is understandable, but Baer has been reluctant and Pittsburgh Steelers contract did not accept the privilege tag, which is likely to have some bad effects on the Steelers’ locker room.

Before the third Jaguar beaten passers-by were arrested, has been smuggled goods

Defensive end of the Jacksonville Jaguars dantay Fuller and his own tragic occupation career added a thick and heavy in colours a pen, he was in the United States on Tuesday night on the way to beat a man by the police to beat and arrest of two counts of misconduct. It is reported that Fuller is in after a quarrel with the man, his attack on the man, but also trampled each other’s eyes, after being arrested, in prison to get rid of Fuller in the early morning of the second day to pay a $650 bail. However, the matter will continue to investigate the police, Fuller may even encounter court action.

Subsequently, Jacksonville Jaguar issued a statement on the matter, while NFL wholesale will investigate the matter, without any accident, Fuller will certainly be punished by NFL. Meanwhile, it was not Fuller who was arrested by police for attacking others. He was treated by police in March last year because of the same situation.

Dantay Fuller is the player with the Jacksonville Jaguars No. three selection in the 2015 draft, the military had rushed the Jaguar with great hope, but in 2015 the pre-season training camp, Fuller because of a knee injury last season, in 2016 after the return, he played 16 games, completed a total of 32 escapement hold and 4 sacks, and at the same time, he also repeatedly because of the controversial problem. The Jaguar may continue to forgive the former third player, but in his current situation, if not to restrain himself, dantay Fuller will basically be smuggled goods.