Beijing time this morning, the Champions cheap nfl jerseys wholesale League 16 round of the second round of the match again in Barcelona, European hegemony home court 6:1 victory over Paris Saint Germain, two round 6:5 reversal of the cut! After countless fans climax, but he did not really know Barcelona to bring the people behind the scenes real reversal comes from the distant United Republic, NFL Super Bowl champion team of the new England patriots famous star G Ron Kowski in the offseason, NFL strong Barcelona in the second round of visits, a week before the start of the game, in a timely manner to turn to Spain, Barcelona the reversal of their philosophy that grant, the Barcelona team benefited.

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G Ron Kowski went to Spain in early March tourism cheerful, full of interest in football and I chose to visit Barcelona gloon this just like the new England patriots general King team, surface strongest clan, feel the only European King temperament, but apparently in the Champions League first round defeat of Barcelona, everyone was with a tense atmosphere, and then began his rescue Barcelona Gelon trip, after he and Messi Barcelona first photo, specifically to teach a wave of life experience.

This is probably about him in the Patriots of the two champions are all rely on a reversal of the time, as a patriot of the ace he has a lot of reversal. Although this year Gelon season on the sidelines watching the Super Bowl epic reversal, but with the coaches to stand together, Kowski learn more such as the champion of glycopyrronium temperament and spirit from a coach body of things, Gelon visit, has always been outgoing. Of course he did not spare his own experience. Barcelona will be successful in one week after the reversal, wholesale nfl jerseys cheap the said Gelon the trip to Barcelona is really meaningful.

Neymar waved his name printed on the Patriots jerseys, interestingly, not only is the Gelon visit Barcelona, on twitter, the new England patriots twitter also timely to Barcelona congratulations on the great victory, “welcome to reverse the club, congratulations to harvest a fantastic victory.” And posted a photo of Messi and Barcelona to Marcus and Neymar patriot handheld personal photos of players, apparently also believe that the patriot of Messi and Barcelona Gelon help is a decisive factor, the two strongest team surface mutual understanding. The patriot’s official twitter dull tone, but this does not blame others, and had a lore steals the 2015 Super Bowl win, 25 points this year after winning the Patriots with no predecessors reversal of pride already cannot be mention in the same breath in their hearts, not to reverse any great champions as the end, it had no meaning is the Patriot spirit.
It’s not the first time a NFL superstar has gone to barcelona. And as another NFL Gelon, superstar JJ- Watt of football has the same love, won the European Championship in Barcelona early in 2015, Watt visited Barcelona, Watt was also together with Messi group, the difference is that Watt wanted to learn from Messi spirit champion; and this visit is gloon to feel the attitude and champion, is very different. Last year Odell Beckham also went to the famous Bayern Munich giants football football to further study, but also have different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful.

From 2016 to 2017, we have seen too much of the reversal, countless Jedi after Barcelona won the nfl jerseys china online championship, now only in the top sixteen just pass, so history and more than this, so please keep calm, learn the new England patriots, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the championship to learn.