The giant fans showed their attitude with banknotes. Barkley’s jersey sold out of the night.

The 2018 show conference has ended. The first round of the giants, SAKUN Barkley, is not the first one to be chosen, but he is obviously the most popular player in the first round, at least in the sales of his jersey. According to ESPN, on the first night of the draft convention, Barkley’s jersey was sold out on the first night of the NFL official mall, as little Odell Beckham predicted, and I think it shouldn’t be a surprise.

The Giants fans are obviously excited about Barkley’s joining, and they think the team has made the most brilliant decision to support the team in a pocket wallet. This week on the streets of New York, fans wearing blue 26 jersey can be seen everywhere. It is reported that Barkley’s TV show in the show has broken the sales record of the rookie in the show night. It can press the top ten of the top four quarterback in the top ten. According to Fanatics’s statement, Beck, Mayfield and Sakya Sam Sam were ranked two or three respectively.

Although fanatics did not publish specific figures, they did admit that Barkley’s show in NFL’s history was the most sold – coat at night, breaking the record kept by Jonny – Manzel in 2014. Of course, Manzel has his own opinion about it. He thinks his orange brown jersey will not be lost to Barkley if it is sold all night. Then the record will be kept by him. As a list, Barkley was selected by the giant at 8:20 on Thursday night, while Manzel was ranked twenty-second in 2014 until it was selected by Cleveland at 9:40 p. m. that means Barkley’s jersey was sold for 1 hours and 20 minutes more than his jersey.

In any case, the New York giants are the big winners, because their choice is fully in line with the expectations of the fans. Barkley is the choice of the fans that the fans want. They are highly praised for the choice of the team and are almost fanatical about Barkley’s pursuit. The team gave up so many talented quarterback, which confirmed the status of Eli Manning’s team, imagining the offensive Trident made up of Beckham, Erwen Ingram and Barkley, and the small Manning’s shells, and the giants’ fans’ corners unconsciously.

Despite the sale of so many jerseys, Barkley’s father may not be interested, because he is a super fan of New York jets, even with a jetbody tattoo. How did Barkley deal with it? In an interview with ESPN on Thursday, he said he was going to buy a big house for his mother first and then give dad some cash, so that Daddy could go to the store and wash out the green tattoos.

“If he can remove tattoos, it’s also a way to support me.” Barkley said.