Zhang with her 10 year old son to nfl jerseys china the 4S shop to buy a car, originally is a happy thing, did not expect to bear children while adults do not pay attention to, with his toys in the show car with “graffiti”, but also for the scratching of the 8 vehicles imported Audi. Because of his son’s naughty, Zhang was 4S shop to court, facing 200 thousand of the huge compensation.

In order to facilitate travel, Zhang has been planning to buy nfl jerseys a car, but due to limited economic capacity, the car has not been put on the agenda. In 2016 July, ripe, Zhang took his son to a local 4S shop car, drive. In the sales staff’s explanation, Zhang’s attention all put into the vehicle performance, configuration of the study, no time to take into account the behavior of the 10 year old son. Accompanied by his father to see Zhang Moumou see people talking about the feeling of intense interest, boredom, then he went to the other car show east touch, look on the west, playing then pulled out the body with sharp thorn angle toys, constantly rowing in the car.

Li Daihong, head of the Chengdu Business Daily reporter responded, in order to do a good job, the school invested about 50 thousand yuan for the construction of the network platform and other hardware facilities, the cost of learning tools borne by the students themselves. The so-called learning tools, tablet computers and teaching platform. The school was determined after comprehensive consideration of a lower price of the company, responsible for building sales network and learning tools, the school is recommended, not handled. nfl jerseys wholesale Details of the cost of 3500 yuan, Li Daihong said it is not entirely clear, only know the tablet PC, teaching platform and related warranty costs.
In a very short period of time, a total of 8 vehicles imported Audi suffer 4S store, including Audi A3, A6, Q5, Q7 four car exhibition hall, exhibition hall of the Audi A8, TT, A5, A4 four test drive car, a total of 16 scratches caused by size. After the incident, the two sides have differences in the process of mediation, the dispute to court.

Recently, a reporter from the Jiangsu Provincial Higher People’s court was informed that cheap nike jerseys in the court proceedings on the loss of vehicles were identified by the judge, after repeated mediation, the final Moumou parents agreed to compensation for the loss of a total of 70 thousand yuan 4S shop. (the character is a pseudonym)