Once wrote an article “to make you difficult, the sooner the Too many of bears jerseys gsh meaning better,” in my circle of friends brush screen. Many of the original silence in the circle of friends of the students have to take a bubble, we say the most feeling is “happy, cool!” , I was a little sad, so many people are unable to live according to their own will, struggling in the premise is that you are strong enough traditional customs and gradually awakening to the edge of self consciousness.One of my classmates, I find chat last night, she said I wrote more than you miserable, you refuse to get away, but I was here I refused, they will be on my stalker.I was surprised, although the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes but others have already Nothing is too strange., also explicitly rejected the entanglement, there is not enough skin, it is difficult to do.

I asked her what happened, she said her mother with a divorced daughter lived in her home for three years, there is a 5 year old boy, the mother and daughter often combined to bully her.

But ask me again, I understand, because she married and her husband’s house is in bears jerseys gsh meaning the capital to buy, do housework is the mother, the child is the mother of. People simply do not think this is living in her home, they think it is living in their own home, with what to move? Why do you want to live in accordance with your requirements?

This reminds me of one thing, I remember many years ago, a summer morning, I bears jerseys for women accompanied the 80 year old grandfather talking on the balcony, the age, his only hobby is to give me a variety of life.

He said to me: “if you live in this world, you want ten people in ten people bears jerseys gsh meaning say hello, then the result is no one will think you are, if you live in other’s eyes, would die in someone else’s mouth.”

Grandpa did not read many books, but this life experience and life had let him see too many traditional code of conduct and human nature.

I asked him what we should do?

He held the old teapot and asked me: “have you thought about what kind bears jerseys gsh meaning of life?”

I want to say I just want to live my life.

He smiled, his face wrinkles deeper: “you this requirement can be high, a person living in the world, the highest requirement is not physical and mental freedom?”

I said, then high again hard I have to try to do, he nodded and said: “what do you want to refuse you, two aunts run for a lifetime, but there are a few people read them? They just can’t understand what I said, so I’m not up to it.”

He drank some tea to said: “a person’s survival, is not responsive, dare to bears jerseys gsh meaning refuse to settle your people, you do not dare to refuse to do, is the foundation of this, don’t ever think about everyone satisfied with the situation, you searched from ancient to modern times sages great man, you can’t find a a.”

I nodded and said remember his words, he said: “this is just one thing, then I say to you, you must remember, what is not difficult to reject others, but not everyone is qualified to say” no “, you must first have the confidence to say” no “. If you owe too much of the human, you cannot refuse, reject is devoid of gratitude, so I owe what all don’t owe, debt is not clear; if you don’t live right in your hand, you are not qualified to say “no”, your life is pinch in the hands of others and others are eligible to say “no”. So, you must understand, only you don’t owe anyone, not owe money, do not rely on others to live, you have confidence to say “no”.”

That time, I had a great influence on me.

Everyone living in this world, will encounter do not like, do not want to do, all bears jerseys gsh meaning people know, in order to live according to their own will, then have to learn to refuse. However, many people ignore the point, say “no” is actually very easy, upper and lower lips touch. It is really not easy to say “no” behind the conditions that need to have.

When a woman, living in the house is not to buy their own, the housework is not to do their own, the child is not their own, everywhere to rely on other people’s life, how do you say to that person? Even if the other party really accept your refusal, decisive move, no one to do housework, the house was a mess, you good, throw the child back to you, you can’t deal with, what are you cool or not?

Before a friend, parents of young children, her mother came to take care of her, after bears jerseys gsh meaning the birth of a child, but also with the mother-in-law, but the elderly and young people have a lot of places are not the same, the friend is not satisfied. Her mother is also a proud and arrogant person, before she said, people on their own to pack up and go home.

No friends happy two days, found no one meal, no one answered the child, the couple is how to allocate the housework, the children how to take, quarreling. Finally, have to buy gifts, pay a smile, respectfully to mother to come back. After the turn of the lost, from home is the master of the law.

She’d often asked me how to regain the initiative? My answer is always only two words: money!

Some time ago, a good friend gave birth to twins. We used to congratulate, chat bears jerseys gsh meaning naturally ask two children how to raise the issue of.

She said the yard Yuesao laughed out of the month and the nanny, but the parents see nanny child abuse news, had insisted on