Once my word is ugly, but that the world who can recognize you “ugly.Junior bears jerseys piccolo high school, the teacher in the class of four people nominated office “,” the wild and award them “four big cursive king”. I regret losing, because I think the teacher’s words have been away from the text category, CHANGJEI regeneration are unable to make judgment to the makes a better self true meaning of “extraordinary as if done by the spirits”.The students often take this and I joke, the teacher also repeatedly advised me to “write” reformed.

Of course, the most angry is my dad, he always thought of words such as person, a person’s handwriting can represent his spirit and attitude to life. I think this is fundamentally nonsense, he just because they write a good word, so there is a “Lao Tzu hero child bear resentment.

And I, but never because of my handwriting and feel the slightest discomfort, not to mention shame bears jerseys piccolo. Even I get benefit from writing, composition has been used as a model teacher, so I will be in my heart a little proud words: how not, you still catch up.

This state has been maintained until high school graduation.

Just will then go to college, I decided to participate in the school’s literary agency, the agency assessment is divided into the written test and interview, written examination site is to write a short review of about five hundred words in an hour. The written examination is completed, and then according to the papers submitted the bears jerseys piccolo order one interview, when it was my turn, I was found sitting on a middle sister took my papers with a sad face, sitting beside her two brothers are forced a smile.

I also feel a little embarrassed, but they soon recovered, asking a few problems behind the trial bears jerseys piccolo ended, just go out and I suddenly remembered the bag fell on the inside, when the return to push open the door, I heard that the girl beside her seniors quipped: “his words than your art oh!”

That moment, this sentence is in my ear for ear piercing, I pretended not to hear, go in to pick up the bag and then go outside.

In a moment to go out, I feel myself I turn back, forgive me was a sensitive playfully impulse Boy, still bears jerseys piccolo retains the high school age rogue bandits gas. In their terrified, I get the papers, threw a sentence: “I’m sorry, I’m not into.”

On the way back, I will be the whole event again in my mind, finally draw a conclusion: just your bears jerseys peppers behavior not only naive and not lose face, and lost inside.

And the source of the impulse of the new moon, that is a kind of sense of shame that has never bears jerseys piccolo been before.

Only once he has been in a familiar environment, in the face of the students, the teacher’s joke laugh, even parents. This will be familiar with the inner sense of shame of infinite covering and weakening, but also had to writing in the handwriting and contrast, this strong contrast more. The rise of satisfaction and vanity I rebellious, let me immersed in a long time “to shame pride” thinking circle.

And now, when he left the familiar environment, they lost the subconscious self blinded by the fig leaf, the face of a stranger to his writing of ridicule, hidden in the heart of the shame immediately revealed.

Since then, I began to consciously practice calligraphy, and bought a lot of copybook on the bears jerseys piccolo internet. Whenever I want to be lazy or feel unable to adhere to, will recall that scene, a kind of unspeakable shame even through a long time, I can still nerve sensitive a stamp, I continued to urge.

Until now, my handwriting lost in the crowd, though still not good, but also quite satisfactory, at least in the others could capture frown.

I once mentioned in an article, a lot of people in the face of things to go to two bears jerseys piccolo extremes, either overbearing or improperly belittle oneself. But between them, there is an equally fatal mistake of thinking that is due to the lack of proper sense of shame, so the formation of a Q spirit like blind optimism.

For example, you are at the bottom of a circle, but you do not feel any discomfort, not thinking about how to change and improve yourself, at the bottom of the circle of contented and happy, more “terror” is also so very pleased with oneself, the pseudo labels give yourself a fame.

Before the company a career, in the company spent nearly ten years, and he entered the bears jerseys piccolo company with a number of people, basically have already left the company, into a better platform, more than what they have opened the company became the boss. And now the company project manager, is later than his company into the younger generation. These even if we just graduated a few years, one also began to go up, but he has been sitting unshakable position of a person in charge of the project.

But he had a “merit”, is the face of other people joke, he can survive, and those of us young age of a large portion of the young people can mingle, and often to fame as an oral motto.