The Chicago bears cut Cutler,wholesale jerseys big price to sign a new quarterback

The Chicago bears did not leave Blaine Hoyle let 49 people to introduce the price of cabbage, while the Chicago side continued to shock, bears decisively cut quarterback Jay Cutler, as a result, the bears in Jay Cutler who invested $14 million out of their cast to the wind, space. In the 2014 years of Cutler and the Chicago bears to sign a 7 year contract worth $126 million, just three years later, Cutler was the best quarterback from one of the fallen into now, really let people sigh.


And the Chicago bears and the big bucks, and rushed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheap nfl jerseys backup quarterback Mike – getting signed a 3 year contract worth $45 million, including the guarantee amount of $19 million. The quarterback never played at NFL how many starting in career three years before getting a total of 4100 yards from 30 touchdowns and 15 steals. Hope served as the bears starting quarterback, getting to adapt to the intensity of the game starting NFL.

Geoffrey Hawks

The free market is best to take over the Hawks

The Chicago bears this offseason operation is simply think impassability, they did not take over in star al Shaw Geoffrey who is using the privilege label, they have no meaning to leave Geoffrey in the free agent market by the Philadelphia hawks.

Philadelphia eagle with short-term contracts of $14 million a year locked al Shaw Geoffrey, the team’s wide receivers are full of fame, but last season the Hawks ball group are not too much excellent performance. Al Shaw Geoffrey best outside the free market over one, can be injected into a tonic for the passing attack. Last season, Geoffrey was suspended for 12 games played, won a total of 821 yards and 2 touchdowns, Geoffrey will keep healthy is the best point of attack eagle.

Gilmore went to the Patriots

The Patriot has invested heavily in the introduction of all star

The defending champion new England patriots officially opened in the new year on the occasion of the NFL jerseys wholesale completed a huge signing before the buffalo occupation bowl cornerback Stephen Gil Moore and patriots signed a $65 million fertilizer for about 5 years, the contract deposit of $40 million, which is almost the highest patriot the contract out of the last ten years, the average annual salary of more than $10 million.