I believe the sky is blue to wake up every morning, I believe bears throwback jerseys 2016 justice gathered is New Year message in each crack moment, in every moment I believe that the value of the firm reversal. You for the ideal of the firm and hard, worthy of a better world and match.The scenery in the north still Trinidad ice; the southern winter sun is still not much, if any.We have already bid farewell to the 2015. Nothing can stop time, the power of all things in this time.

Hello, 2016. Have to say, the more solemn farewell, the more hard to describe the ideal shape, and that belongs to the heart of the palace.

Not everything is so jerseys china factory unspeakable. A big country trip, its come to have since.

Another year’s winter to spring, the flowers bloom. When the the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee plan is tentative, well-off began to sprint, the reform of the army curtain; when the RMB “basket”, a high-profile anti-corruption increasingly in-depth — the old pattern of interests being broken, the new rules in the continuous growth.

This year, the Chinese people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war victory 70 cheap jerseys onlin anniversary, held a grand military parade; the two sides of the Strait leaders met in Singapore, across the 66 years of both hands to hold.

The evolution of an era, nuanced.

With the constitution of the establishment of “mingaoguan” into the 2 era, the crime of whoring have been bears throwback jerseys 1940s abolished, and that had been sentenced to detention of Ren Jianyu to score through the judicial examination. When “two children” policy to be announced, 13 million “black” surfaced, 70 million people into the precise poverty target……

In the pattern of power and rights, the political and legal under the ecological environment, interests and interests of the field, only people, is the eternal value of the subject. This is the premise to get a sense of gain.

When you can see the sky “floated five words”, and to “prove my mom is my mom,” 999 “has also accused the patients affect the stability of” – a reality will make people cry and laugh “.

We eat 38 yuan shrimp “,” Paris terrorist attack “let your heart stopper unceasingly,” Ma Xiang “left-behind children are still waiting for comfort.

The star of the Yangtze River fanchen, Tianjin port explosion of black smoke rising, Shenzhen jerseys different size slag mound surging and diarrhea…… “Disaster literature cavity” cannot be brushed by trauma, disaster investigation and accountability to comfort the dead, pacify.

Every year, there are joys and sorrows. However, in the vast and great changes of the times, what is the constant never change.

In the past year, we have seen some of the closure of the media and the decline, there are some media people’s transformation and departure. But to know that no matter how the media structure change, the public opinion field how noisy, truth and justice is the constant media and social demand unchanged.

There are some traditional enterprises into the deep winter, but there are also more and more enterprises put on Internet plus wings, Nirvana rebirth. “Public entrepreneurship, innovation”, in the past year, countless people fearless to pursue their glory and dream. No matter how to change the form of industry, freedom and innovation is the same constant.

Every time the feeling is the era of heartache. Every heart, is all because our hearts have freedom, justice, conscience…… The invariant constant.

Politicians stick to the constancy, system will be good; entrepreneurs will stick to the jerseys direct supply constancy, expansion of human freedom and prosperity; media people stick to the constancy, the whole society will more actively to the forces of good; everyone stick to the constant, we can get out of the field of mutual harm.

Dear you, deserve to have a better world.

All the good things in this world, know that you made. For example, a lamp, burning in the chamber; for example, light breeze, wilderness. If you dim, the world will leave; if you moderate firm, the world became quiet years.

Man is the measure of all things, and the scale is in you and me.

The hustle and bustle of the field of public opinion, each person is 100 thousand +; Internet plus age, everyone is the main shield pulled the black; the transformation and stirring moments, the depth reported each person’s fate is still not diminished.

We always have to look, to describe this world. At any time, we jerseys from china always want to draw the ideal and feelings, to justice and fairness to the sculpture, with the rule of law and conscience to protect.

I believe the sky is blue to wake up every morning, I believe justice gathered in each crack moment, in every moment I believe that the value of the firm reversal. You for the ideal of the firm and hard, worthy of a better world and match.

A crescent, trees in the front; the Sun Sheng long. Hello, 2016, Hello, my dear.