A FBI in the United States bears united jerseys for six years the portrait painter, has done such is far better than you thought was an experiment: he had a group of volunteers have never met, and then based on the description of the volunteers themselves, in order to draw their sketch portrait, between the artist and the whole process by volunteers separated barrier. After the completion of the first phase, and the painter by the volunteers of friends and colleagues for their description, then they draw second pictures, then two pictures were compared before and after.

Interestingly, the description drawn by others, and described their own portrait than painted, not only looks beautiful to many, facial expression also more friendly, confident. Volunteers to see the contrast, also quite surprised and moved.

In fact, we always spend too much time and energy trying to correct the good things. Because a lot of times, we often ignore the fact that you are better than you think you are.

When I first joined the job, I had a period of very not confident. And then I entered the other two new companies: one is Wuhan University graduates; Kohane, another brother Scarlett, although only a junior college student, but before the design had two years of experience in construction site. So, to a certain extent, he is the three of us in the middle of the highest skill level. And I, academic and theoretical knowledge than experience is Kohane, Scarlett brother burst into ash.

Li Ge, who is in charge of our three new beginners, often break down some of the tasks from his project to give us. Scarlett, brother of CAD, Mapgis and other graphics software Practice makes perfect., so is always the first to finish. Kohane because the solid theoretical foundation, on the hands is handy, can quickly complete the task. While at school I didn’t learn how much, on the practice and learn something enough, is often asked, while the books finally take a long time to get out, the jerseys from china completion of the achievements and always feel not good enough, especially in the efficiency and achievement of Scarlett and Kohane’s brother after the whole people into an extremely disappointed in his position. Accumulated during the practice of the point of self-confidence, but also in the day after day of despair gradually away.

Three months later, this phenomenon has not been improved, I am still the first to start, and finally completed. And with the increasing amount of tasks, work overtime at night has become my normal work, her brother and Kohane does not need so. This feeling is terrible, but not the reason for overtime, but due to the inability of a sense of their own inability.

During that time, the only feeling lucky is the beginning of the workplace, they met a bears throwback jerseys urlacher sincere career, every time I need to work overtime, Lee also must accompany me in the office busy.

Finished one day, two people to eat supper together, three drinks, Brother Lee suddenly said: “this year, the three of you into the new company, we all feel very good.”

I want to say, “how I got this brother and Scarlett Kohane’s light, fortunately this is not practice examination, or I absolutely have to pack up and go home.”

Li asked, “why do you think so?”

I think he was a bit of a question, but just by you will be on their own grievances poured out altogether. “Isn’t it? Yu Top10 graduated from the University, professional Jichuzhashi to super fast. Her brother not to mention, two years site construction experience, not only drawing scientific and reasonable cost budget is random. Now it is obvious that the three projects the same size, the same cost, they two normal working hours will be completed, and I get it now barely cross.”

Li Ge looked startled and looked at me, “the longitudinal comparison, when you started to work so jerseys Free Shipping much better than I. And even horizontal contrast, you can only say that the three have the advantage.”

Looking at the table full of things, I immediately increased vigilance, “Li Ge, I have no money.”

Lee’s mouth is a pie, “and you are not a joke. Not only I think so, the company estimates are similar to other people. Xiao Jia’s experience, working together is not fake. Kohane good foundation, excellent education, it is also true that quick. But now the situation, can only say that they start better than you, but can not be your reason to ignore their own advantages. Every time you go out with you, in dealing with the outside and related units are glib, but as an engineering student, your writing skills are also very good.”

Think carefully, it’s really true. Usually in the outside, regardless of the Wholesale jerseys authentic construction unit or the construction unit, or with the supervision unit to deal with, I usually more natural. In the company, they gradually develop a habit, is to give the text before the chief engineer will be asked, I checked again.

Brother Lee drank, and picked up a piece of squid into his mouth, “you ah, is fed jerseys different color nothing to do, just want to take their own weaknesses to compare with others, naturally hit head broken and bleeding, no self-confidence.”

At that moment, I suddenly have a feeling to click into place. From small to large, we have been told that such a truth: for one thing, the most taboo is overbearing. Most of us have deep humility, but sometimes overkill, unconsciously go to another extreme, improperly belittle oneself.