The New York giants star Odell Beckham took over the continuous absence of New York giants team training camp, this is not because of Beckham Poser caused by, because not long ago Odell Beckham conducted a special oral surgery, after he will not be training with the ball, do not think that he would not participate in team training to night clubbing, he is still trying to practice, Beckham is in operation after the resumption of training, together with the NFL Hall of Famer Chris Carter.

Beckham said he would stay in Losangeles, but he wasn’t sure if he would return to the team’s voluntary camp, but said he would take part in the mini training camp that the team was about to start. Don’t worry about Beckham training alone will be slack, because in Chris Carter’s attention, no one dares to challenge his authority, Beckham has experienced a series of hard training here, but also the focus of training abroad over the necessary steps training and some resistance training, he also conducted a series of training, test and reaction speed the continuous training and training of tennis catch bricks.

David Beckham looks state is great, he is still very hard for the training, he is the best proof of sweat, can be said that Beckham’s talent with trying so hard training, the new season Beckham and there will be a kind of eye-catching performance?

Soon, Beckham will join his teammates, and the giants’ mini training camp will begin near June 13th to June 15th.

Michael Vick wants to retire as a falcon player

The former NFL quarterback Michael Vick said in a recent interview you want to sign a cheap nfl jerseys contract for one day a with the Atlanta falcons, so that he can be a falcons player retired, Michael Vick falcons can give him very much hope that this opportunity.

Michael Vick since 2015 have never played in the NFL League, his last appearance was in 2015 in the NFL season in the playoffs against the Denver Broncos Pittsburgh Steelers game. Michael Vick in the 2001 NBA draft by the Atlanta falcons as champion of election, Michael Vick to run fast ball and famous, he in 2002, 2004 and 2005 respectively, all star occupation bowl on Christmas Eve 2004, Atlanta falcons opened 10 years to give him $130 million. But because of his dog abuse dogs in good times don’t last long, the case has become the most NFL chained and thrown into prison, all people hate players in the league. But after the end of his sentence, he found himself again in 2010, again in the career bowl and led the Philadelphia hawks into the playoffs with a record of 10 wins and 6 losses.

Michael Walker holds the NFL quarterback career 6109 yards rushing record and record NFL single season quarterback rushed the ball 1039 yards, Michael Vick was once regarded as a star player, so the Falcon should he would like to let him Falcon player retired.

The former Viking run guard was signed by the lions

The Detroit lions signed former Minnesota Vikings running back Matt Asaiyata, the two parties reached a contract for one year.

Very interesting, not to purchase the Detroit lions running back in the free agent market, there is no choice in the draft when running back, when people think that when the lion ready to give up, the team chose the Minnesota Vikings running back a long bench.

Asaiyata is 2011 out of players, after being signed by the Vikings, the player can show in NFL based on the strength, he not only has enough strength to punch the ball, but also the completion of a good catch, he finished a career high 570 yards and 9 touchdowns with 312 yards. With a touchdown in 2014 last season he played 16 games cheap nike nfl jerseys 121 times to complete the attack takes 402 yards and 6 touchdowns, and 263 yards to complete the ball.

The Detroit lions ground offensive League last third, but they need to run the team’s offensive style is who have certain ability to catch, so Asaiyata was the lion desired player, he may be in a position to compete for the main male, because after all, the Detroit lions last season to punch the ball code number of the highest but Theo Reddick’s 360 yards, and last season as the lions running back is the main 334 yards rushing touchdowns, 4 receptions for 196 yards of the young man Zach zehner.