“Michigan State Before you get nfl jerseys University honors college from china yourself a chance and business school graduate, outstanding performance, won the Arthur scholarship, CFA full scholarship. During the study in the United States, the establishment of Sino American venture capital and entrepreneurial innovation society. A former chef, salesman, lecturer, American student counselor, writer, entrepreneur, the largest U.S. publishing company. Rogge Yearbook Commercial General Manager of Honey Well Company, financial analysts etc..

Second pioneering American Shimai books Ltd., 3 months and 7 months to pay off the loan, the return rate of 300%, 12 months to sell the company. Entrepreneurship Education Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., with the power of education to ignite the dream. Entrepreneurial stories are State News, Spotlight Michigan, ING Magazine, and Entrepreneur World and other Chinese and American media, and more than 30 U.S. radio reports. The entrepreneurial team largest discount jerseys is about to pull back to China, training programs in major cities.”

B: Side

“A holiday to junior high school of Beijing Normal University Department of SARS Chinese read all the reading list;

Indonesian food and Albania food;

Extreme jump in alpine snow capped mountains;

In just 3 years in the United States, can not ride a bike, to their own money to buy the first Chevrolet, and friends drove across the United states;

From an empty Chinese resume, interview dozens of times, get dozens of posts, began to teach hundreds of people to explain the cause of the start;

School of business management courses, the uncle put up his hand and said, I read the case in the Wall Street journal, she raised her hand and said, this thing happened in my own business, I am such a treatment, what is the result of what I learned “;


89 years old,nba jerseys for sale still in college.


At the end of last year, saw a reprint quite fire post in the school, called “I want to fly around the US, listen to your story, film is a professional junior students, to make a movie about student documentary.

“The film is about the dreams of the young and the way to the feet. In San Francisco, in Losangeles, in New York, in the city of Michigan, I have listened to my friends countless times about their greatest dreams, and the struggles that are going on. They may be able to get A, can also be “into”, even in the view of the future can be logical in investment banks, 35 years to earn tuition. But they don’t know what they want, or they’re not doing what they want.”

At that time to see this paragraph of time when the heart faint smoke a bit, so remember the name: Liu Hainan.

Then one night, a chance to call a friend, who was forced to squat down in the street, the interview was rejected, cool night, the car to the car. Then the four corners of the land to talk, listen to him is from a foreign language professional domestic resolutely transfer to Losangeles film school. Then they have made several phone calls about this documentary, the Niubi regardless of what physical and mental state, as long as the talk of the documentary immediately hanging open, moving up the chicken body for hours in good out of a bandbox. So I can not help but to that month’s phone bill fuck male female silent tears.

Spring break in Hainan to New York, first saw one meter more than and 8 big lump, but my mind was coming out of a special cheating word, naked, even Ya hung a face smile very ws. This film was previously thought to shoot a fat poor, clutching where 20 tickets fly fly anywhere, where there are people to dinner, are holding a belly story sparkling people. It’s all true, but it’s hard to back. Hard up interviews a return to chatting authentic nfl jerseys at the bait suddenly don’t reply, want to take activities to go in, after the interview was mercilessly criticized the plan, conflict, all the winter sleep on the floor, take various medicine bottles, etc., and not a foot. Hainan said he did this thing is not experienced, after all, the film for less than two years, but first, he has an amazing partner, old age, hospital wide training, professional photographic experience countless, a big job class out to directly obtain the synthesis of America ACM SIGGRAPH awards and what the international student Animation Festival best digital video, tough was working to brush night after 6 to drive a car immediately jumped into the car. And it’s said that he and his friends are planning to set up their own studio.

Second, he made a detailed plan and consideration. I had a mouthful of tea to dessert, paused and asked, what is comprehensive with it. Buddy noiselessly opened the computer, right-click the folder called “foreign documentary”, that is in a leisurely manner, I wrote the text.

Property that column shows: 1M.


Most of the time I think, those who have always wanted to do, for various reasons have not done things, when can we do it?

For example, a drummer in a rock band,

For example, perfumery and cocktails,

Write a column, a book,

For example, open a coffee shop,

Start a business with a friend,

For example, to organize a salon group,

For example, the year of travel, slept on both sides of the Changjiang River friends.