At daybreak, I bengals game jerseys good enough was awakened by the sound of tinkling WeChat mobile phone.God will care for you This WeChat frequent speed, I closed my eyes and know who is.Sure enough, is my cousin Luo qi.

Luo Qi has been to Germany, photos, Leipzig Piaosa snow, but set not its beauty and joy of Luo qi.

Congratulations, Luo qi. I say.

She sent a whirlwind tears of emoticons and a laughing emoticons.

Luo Qi Piano professional graduation. She often said his history is a history of blood.

Luo Qi grew out of the ordinary musical talent show, a unique and extraordinary feeling of music keen. She was lucky, from the beginning, will be a mentor guidance. When I was five years old, my parents bought the first piano for her, after all is only willing, daughter will succeed.

Luo Qi in winter, the day before dawn, Meng rubbing cold hands, make flexible fingers, start practicing. In the hot summer, the other students to defend the idol image in online debate when the flame, Luo Qi struggling to sweat even practicing heatstroke. The black and white keys and a stack of thick tablature carrying jerseys supply center the wonderful dreams and aspirations of Luo qi. Even in the year thirty, all the people in the family celebrating, watching the sky fireworks to celebrate the new year, Luo Qi and parents also stepped around a school or on the train, she locked herself in the piano room, preparing for the upcoming exam nervously.

She lost, not only is the dinner on New Year’s Eve warm, there are many, many.

You can see the arts students in the news every year numerous and disorderly, every time I see this scene, I have red eyes. Because, too to understand the bitterness behind this spectacular scene, every candidate, such as my sister like a distressed.

Fortunately, Luo Qi to professional course first, culture class first place honors admitted to the ideal of art colleges. She was a step closer to her dream, but it was still not easy.

The other students entering the University feel in heaven, absent is the norm. But Luo Qi know jerseys china factory the hardships of parents, four years in the University, she completed the Music Department of all elective courses, and attended several related courses, the composition, harmony and other related fields of knowledge, doing enough knowledge for themselves, to enhance the professional level. And from the third, she has no longer take the money of their parents, but rely on their own to support their own family education.

Art colleges never lacked goddess Luo Qi is then a mysterious goddess. Other students often go to drinking and singing, this kind of thing, never happened in the Luo qi. It is her piano room, always have music. A rest day, there is a piece of music she played too many times, did not rest at noon. The second day fast at sunset, the teacher on her piano room, Luo Qi, you this song we can live, don’t go to eat and play. The teacher is not going to listen to this song, Luo Qi, for two days.

Luo Qi because the piano room Wholesale jerseys authentic upstairs, her teacher piano room in her piano room downstairs. The teacher said, Luo Qi is teaching her 20 years, the most outstanding students taught.

This can be the best words, Luo Qi is not only with their superior intellect, is with his broken finger playing hard won.

So, Luo won the award was kept in qi. And there was only one place in the year.

After work, she still classes while learning. She also applied for a German class, learning German, hope to have the opportunity to go to Germany, to Beethoven’s hometown of sacred music and heroic feelings.