When you’re driving Bent down to browns nike nfl jerseys to the get close to the dream Chengdu Chongqing middle of the road, you will be surprised to find a long line outside the roadside shop, shop called “longevity monk pomelo shop”, maybe you will be curious to see the parking. Speaking of the “Tang pomelo longevity shop”, there is a warm story.

This shop shopkeeper Zhang, a more than and 20 year old young man. Two years ago, Zhang graduated from university graduation certificate, Chuaizhe find work everywhere, but because he is a professional animation, while others expressed appreciation for his work and talent, but in his work invariably refused to shake his head. There is no way, he had to stay in her mother’s fruit shop floor to do odd jobs, said: “he self mockery. I read a scholar’s misbehaviour, ten years, is a gentle man, let me do it from the floor.”

Because the local rich grapefruit, not only beautiful appearance, but also a big sweet juice foot, popular with foreigners favorite, so Zhang Kejia fruit shop sells grapefruit, but the local sale of grapefruit roadside shops in particular, fierce competition, so business is somewhat deserted.

One day, the shop came to a chubby child, holding 50 Fen, claiming to buy “Tang Sengyou”. Zhang said: “where is the monk pomelo? Go to the Get out of my way.!” Who knows the child suddenly wow cry, Zhang can jerseys different size be a little overwhelmed. Zhang mother saw the child crying very sad, not deliberately mischievous look, then hold over softly caress, after carefully asked: this had just learned that the four year old child named Dudu, his favorite grandfather got sick, Dudu heard neighbors say what grandpa had cancer, not live long. Dudu home crying, Grandpa grandson comforted him: “don’t cry, you see the journey to the west is not to say that Tang Seng can eat meat ever-young? When Grandpa ate a piece of meat, can ever-young.”

So, toot myself out to buy “Tang”, but the child pronunciation is not standard, you will hear “Tang pomelo”. Find several shops not to be brushed is blasted open, have a little patience, he called to the store to ask grapefruit. A child can understand the grievances, that is my grandpa made a white lie to comfort the grandson, but children but for Gospel truth. The child sob to say: “Grandpa said the monk can eat grapefruit ever-young, I want to buy a lot of monk to grandpa to eat grapefruit.” How can this be done? Zhang suddenly shot forehead, thought: “I draw a monk in grapefruit, grapefruit does not become a monk?” One can pick a maximum of grapefruit, took the brush painting, just a few minutes, a vivid cartoon monk “vividly pomelo”. He to doodle said: “go back to eat, Grandpa will be well.” Dudu delight, skimmed over picked up the “Tang pomelo” home.

Nothing, but in a piece of grapefruit painted Lin Daiyu, Zhang Fei, Li Kui and other famous figures, customers see, love so much, pick a picture of grapefruit to buy, some customers pay double active. Zhang Kelai the spirit, no one when you draw a stop. One day, Zhang was absorbed, suddenly heard the shop door to firecrackers, saw the doodle pulled his grandfather, holding a plaque with a smile came in, a door, he repeatedly said: “thank you for your prayer, eat your Tang pomelo, I am really sick of it!” Then, write “Tang Seng You Changsheng shop” plaque handed zhang.

That province hospital learned that the cancer belongs to toot grandfather misdiagnosis, back to life in the mood he is very happy, specially invited people to make this a plaque, said Zhang thanks for their straight from hell to heaven more joy made this plaque. The out of the ordinary plaque attracted a lot of people’s curiosity, a twenty hundred, the store increasingly popular, many people for a glimpse of Zhang’s painting and pomelo. Gradually, the store shorthanded, his mother decided to store credentials to Zhang care, you help Zhang Ke in the shop floor work. Zhang can be encouraged, business increased enthusiasm, Zhang officially put the fruit shop named “Tang jerseys direct supply pomelo longevity shop”. It is suggested that he used a knife to assist this painting, even if you eat meat, fruit can be used as the art collection can also enjoy long-term. So he took the fruit according to the needs of the customers packaged sales, each package put a picture of a monk image of grapefruit, so many people come to buy regardless of distance, especially those special visiting customers. Chengdu, Chongqing guests also specifically to buy a car, gradually Zhang’s “Tang pomelo” queuing buy, and the customer only buy a passion, buy a delicious, buy a good mood of good luck.