A strong return to Brady’s debut in the new season

Late Thursday night, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the winner of last season’s NFL Most Valuable Player Award, made his preseason debut. Just where to fall, where to climb up. In the first half of the team’s game against the Philadelphia Hawks, Brady made 26 attempts to pass, 19 successful attempts, 172 yards forward, and cut two touchdowns and zero intercepts.

In this match, Brady led the 6 ball advance. In the first push of the Patriots, Brady made 5 passes in 5 passes. With short passing, he eventually completed a 4 yard connection with Chris, Hogan.

At the end of the half court, the Patriots took the 27:7 advantage. Team coach Bill Bailey chick told the team reporters: “Tom’s performance is very good. In this match, the team is very competitive. ”

Brady did not play in the team’s pre-season opener (against the Washington Redskins on August 9) due to back pain. On Thursday evening, Gillett stadium’s home fans welcomed his return by chanting Brady’s name.

Before the match, Brady was very rare and appeared on the court before warming up. He made brief exchanges with hawk quarterback Carson vant in the center of the court. Since the fifty-second super bowl, Brady hasn’t had contact with hawk quarterback Nick Fowles. So Brady had planned to communicate with Fowles, who did not appear on the court before the warm-up.

In the Thursday night of the pre-season match, Fowles finally left the field early due to a strain on his right shoulder.