Kevin love show long skill, the support of public opinion become new jerseys usa quarterback Brown

Brown Cleveland team to maintain a cautious attitude to the team a few quarterbacks available, after all, the team almost did not wait for a good quarterback, people know Cleveland Brown put hope on Cody Kessler’s body, people are aware of this year’s two round pick Brown de Sean Keyser has enough potential, of course, Brown there are disaster type quarterback Bullock Wheeler – oslo. But perhaps people in Cleveland will hope Brown can consider outside of football options, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin – Carrefour, Carrefour has repeatedly because this season and Lebron James completed throughout the long line, many people are in the social media jokingly that Lok Fu can become Brown’s starting quarterback the potential, but in the Eastern Conference finals NBA playoffs yesterday, Kevin yet another performance of such skills, while the ball is more quarterback posture and feeling.

Knight by Le Fu ball precision over the opponent’s defense score of countless, this ball is like homely food for Kevin – Le Fu, but really, since Cleveland Brown in 1999 to the construction team to now, a total of 26 starting quarterback, how many people can complete such a pass. Think about yesterday Kevin love into the last minute of the game in second quarter, rebounding, the Celtics almost 5 people have been back for success, while Marcus Smart was in front of James, but he couldn’t block Le Fu shell pass, reminiscent of the 2012 season the playoffs Joe Flacco late equaliser when Smart pass, Raheem Moore did not intercept fell to the ground.

So for now, Brown’s quarterback ‘thoughts, many fans have “next season Brown might be able to use music to start when the knight four quarterback to try” idea.

Lynch returns to Oakland to lead cycling

There are few players like Sean Lynch and Ma home integration so close, like Sean Lynch and Ma with the home fans this weekend to play something different, the attack on new running back with his team led a weekend 100 bike rides, horse – Sean Lynch on his twitter published to the fans that “tomorrow a Auckland University of Technology ride”, and countless fans fans will be riding a bicycle gathered in Auckland University of Technology.

Then about 300-400 people to join Lynch’s cycling team, this is a large cycling team from Oakland has been riding to Berkeley then returned to Oakland, in order to ensure traffic safety and order and about four or five police officers for the horse Sean Lynch leading the way, they drove a white van to practice together with Lynch. In social media, the key words about Oakland show pictures and videos, and the people on this temporary riding team are very happy.

Although the Raiders will move away from Oakland in the near future, but Lynch has joined the Raiders, it is a great encouragement to the people of Oakland, Lynch is not a good oral expression, but his the doings let people here feel a lot of love.

When Lynch retired, cycling took up a big part of his life. He loved cycling. He used to go to a small British town, riding a bike and interacting with local people, to promote NFL.

The rams will be absent from the team’s training camp

Whenever the offseason at this moment, every one of the basic NFL also began to enter the training camp schedule, but cheap jerseys for sale the Losangeles rams, the training camp for their super star Aaron Donald will not appear in the training camp, because the super Chong military needs to solve his contract problem.

Donald did not appear on the first day of the ram’s training, he needs to negotiate long-term contracts with the team, the Losangeles rams manager Les Snyder confirmed this point, he said that Donald’s absence is indeed because the two party has a contract that is “, and” between the two parties have hopefully hit agreement”.

Just recently, RAM Donald has performed fifth years contract options, he will bring to the 2018 season in 2017 and the rams, Donald will get about $7 million in wages, RAM Donald hope to permanently retain the team.
“We all like Donald. He’s definitely a good player. We want to keep him. It’s our goal. I think he wants to stay. That’s what we’re working on.”.” Snyder said.

In the past two years, Aaron Donald has named all NFL first team, he was considered one of the best defensive players in the league, last season, he completed most of the NFL 31 quarterback shock, with 17 tackles and 8 sacks.