There is no hockey team in Houston,nfl game jerseys so it is easy for Watt to watch hockey or basketball, because there is no choice at all. A similar situation also occurred in Pittsburgh without the basketball team. The Steelers star, the second NFL took over Antonio Brown, also appeared in the Penguins of the NHL playoffs the audience. As a working class leading the city, the city of Pittsburgh has a family friendly atmosphere, the three occupation team is also very harmonious with each other, the pirates and Steelers rugby team ice penguins, baseball, even the main colors are almost the same, we often see in the Steelers at the Heinz flying “terrible towel” yellow handkerchief, but also the penguins’ fans to cheer for the team. In the 2016 season, Brown continued to maintain a star level, in the finale the rest of the situation, there are still 106 catches for 1284 yards to 12 touchdowns, nearly third consecutive years won the championship ball number, the Steelers also in the playoffs even through two rounds, however in the district after Brown on social media broadcast team the locker room speech, some shaken the team morale, although later made a review of the team, or in the subsequent American League finals losing to eventual champion new England patriots. But this year for Brown is still successful, the season is not over yet, he signed a new contract with the team, now the contract external hands ranked fourth, it can be said is extremely proud of success. The penguins are NHL Stanley cup champions, to the time of writing, they have made the 3-1 lead in the first round of the playoffs, Brown want to also want them to like his Steelers, playing to the finals, and then fight for the Stanley cup

However, not only to see the players have just signed up for a long time, and even some of the pending free players, but also enjoy the fun of other sports playoffs. The new England patriots team run Weile Garrett Blount at the end of the 2016 season after the expiration of the contract, but because of various reasons, the Patriots or another team has yet to sign him. This year’s running guard market is very cruel, and even the future Hall of Famer Adrian – Pedersen have not yet found the next home, the signing of the difficulty of the imagination of Blount. But Blount’s mentality is still very good, although it is still free, he still appeared in the Boston Celtics playoff audience. It is said that Blount is a frequent visitor to the Celtics home game, and now there is no default in the playoffs.

The Celtics this season throughout the year are very good performance, narrowly beat the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers, won the eastern top seed, can not help but think at the beginning of this year to Midland top seed won the Super Bowl Champions patriot identity. Unfortunately, the Celtics playoff experience is still shallow, and now two playoff games have lost at home, the prospects are also cast a shadow. And Blount in the just concluded playoff performance is also in the doldrums, I do not know whether he can use his experience to inspire the Celtics will turn the tide, to go further.

Toronto City, each outlet air Canada Center, gathered a large number of fans. They are not willing nfl jerseys wholesale to leave, waving white handkerchiefs, they chanted “go leafs go”. In the lane next to the stadium, every car from which it came was whistling loudly. Backward, tied, overtime, lore, reversal, four years after the return to the playoffs this evening in Toronto, the city’s.

Toronto Raptors into the Eastern Conference finals, Toronto FC into the Big League finals are not able to bring the grand occasion, the maple leafs with a victory to do. Let’s take a look at Maple Leaf’s last extra time.
Before the game, almost every day to hear the fans similar complaints, Zach Hyman deserve to play with Auston Matthews? This topic, the maple leaves in the beginning of 0 to more than the continuation of the lag behind, in the second quarter of 1 to 3 behind reached the climax. A lot of fans shouted to let Hyman go, because the fans think he delayed the darling of Toronto Matthews.

Thanks to the advantages of the schedule time, in the four major league in North America, NFL players can be said to have the most time to watch other sports games. As everyone knows, the regular season and playoff basketball and ice hockey are almost at the same time, the two movement of the players can not only see the other side of the game, in the NFL playoffs in January and February, and NBA and NHL for the playoff and in full swing, so the two league players also have no time to watch the NFL game only the Super Bowl in the United States such as the Spring Festival gala event has ratings of NBA and NHL will provide the exception, watching for the players in the schedule of the convenience. Super bowl is held in the United States on Sunday evening, in general, the day of the NBA game will only be arranged in the afternoon, and NHL is the only way to arrange the Canadian team on this day to play.

The baseball season in April 10 at the end of the beginning of the end, it is with NBA and NHL formed a two-way conflict at a time when NBA and NHL in the playoffs, baseball season has started, and when the baseball playoffs begin, NBA and NHL also entered into the preseason end of the regular season about to begin phase. As of 2016 10 at the end of the first game of the world series, and NBA’s regular season opener, happens to be the same day, and are held in Cleveland, the Cavaliers and the Indians of the home court but adjacent closely, can not help but sigh the city’s tears.